Streamline Your Recruiting by Going Paperless

small business applicant tracking systemHave you ever thought about how much paper a business uses each day? What about how much they use each year? It’s quite startling to find out the answer to those questions. Paper is one of the biggest expenses and can also be in short demand at times. Depending on what’s going on in the work day, and how much paper has been used before the next delivery shows up, you could be left short.

Paper is also a hassle to keep organized. In the next two posts, we’re going to talk about how to streamline your recruiting efforts by going paperless! If you’re tired of dealing with the hundreds of paper resumes you get each week, a small business applicant tracking system can help. Our’s is free! Try it now with no obligation.

Go Paperless – Get Streamlined

One small business department that uses the most paper is recruiting. Just think about all the documents that need to be printed, signed and filed away. Most hiring managers are required to keep the following documents on every single candidate that applies for a position as well as current and past employees:

  • resumes
  • cover letters
  • time cards
  • applications
  • hiring documents
  • client and employee contracts
  • government-mandated reports
  • forms

When you add all that up, it’s a lot of paper. Not to mention the thousands of other pieces of paper that are being used throughout the rest of the company.

Have you ever thought about going paperless? It’s a scary thought, right? We’ve been using paper for decades. It’s a guaranteed material we use every single day. But, when you consider the amount of time and energy involved in using paper (not to even mention the cost) you get a little dizzy. Someone has to print documents, sign them, file them, staple them together, put them in a folder and deliver them to a different department. That’s a lot of time!

small business applicant tracking systemWhat if going paperless meant streamlining your business and cutting down on all that unnecessary time that goes into dealing with paper?

Even if you just decided to cut out paper in the recruiting department only, the time and money saved will be dramatic. In addition, things will be organized and easy to contain. No more walking around looking for department heads, hoping to get signatures or approvals. Instead, you can email them the document and then do other things while waiting on it to return!

No more mountains and stacks of folders for candidates who are looking for a job. You might actually be able to see your desk on a daily basis if you choose to go paperless!

The benefits of an all digital process for recruiting are endless. You will be amazed at how productive you are after paper has been cut out. Below, you’ll find a few of the most exciting advantages:

New Hire Process

When you hire someone new, they’ll not only need to fill out tax papers and many other documents, but they’ll also need an employee handbook and training guide. This can sometimes lead to hundreds of sheets of paper. Can you believe that? Why bother having all this printed out when you can digitally share it, so the new hire will always have a quick way of accessing everything they need?

Small Business Applicant Tracking System

When utilizing an applicant tracking system, you’re not only helping yourself go paperless, you’re also helping the candidates as well. They’ll be able to send in resumes and cover letters, right online, without having to print out resumes to bring into your department. There are tons of benefits for recruiters that choose to use recruiting software, aside from being able to incorporate a paperless process.

More Benefits

  • Instead of carrying around a heavy briefcase or tote with you every day, carry a lightweight mobile device or laptop that will have all your files locked down in one, easy to access spot!
  • Every candidate, every job, every resume, every meeting, all in one place.
  • Never take up too much time searching and searching for one missing document that you swear was “right there a second ago.” Instead, have all your papers at your fingertips. Do a quick search on your laptop or mobile device. The document will pull up within seconds, ready for you to use.
  • Helps to ensure all new hires have verified certification.
  • All paperwork is easily stored and accessed without any problems.
  • Staffing and recruiting software helps you not only recruit, but also helps you keep up with a new hire’s performance as well as current employees.

We hope you’re ready to begin streamlining your recruiting efforts! Need more information? Visit with our next blog post for more tips about streamlining your business by going paperless!

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small business applicant tracking systemDo you need help choosing the right recruiting software for your HR department or recruiting firm? Make the right choice by using Recruiteze! Recruiteze is a powerful small business applicant tracking system. It allows your job candidates to apply to open positions and be added to your talent database immediately. As an end-user, you’ll be able to go online anytime and access your candidate’s resumes as well as make any necessary changes. We make recruiting easy because Recruiteze also comes with a custom job board. It allows candidates and customers easy access to information and creates a level of professionalism expected in today’s marketplace.

iReformat allows you to format up to 10 resumes per month for free! In addition, we are proud to offer you a free 15 day trial of any of our other memberships. Other packages start at $10 per month and offer unlimited support, users, and more!

We’ve taken the redundant administrative work out of recruiting. Don’t hesitate to use Recruiteze and iReformat to help reduce the time consuming process of hiring new employees and filtering through resumes and applications. If you have any questions or are interested in our enterprise package that offers unlimited access to all our services contact us today!


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