Tips for Selecting an Applicant Tracking System

Do you need to select the perfect applicant tracking system So you’ve made the decision to use an Applicant Tracking System to help you with the recruitment and hiring process! Congratulations! Now, you’re able to really dig into the details of the different types of systems and decide which one is best for your business.

There are three types of applicant tracking system programs and it’s crucial that you select the one that will best benefit your needs.

3 Applicant Tracking System Types

Enterprise – For larger corporations that probably have a hiring manager or HR department, in-house, an enterprise system works great, as it offers an unlimited package to work with.

Staffing Agency – Recruitment or staffing agencies have thousands of applicants to keep up with day-to-day and need an ATS that can handle the excessive use and offers a streamlined way to organize and filter applicants for multiple job openings.

Small/Medium Business – Great for start-up or small businesses that don’t have a high turnover rate, or need more than 50 employees.

Make sure you choose the right type of applicant tracking system that fits your business needs. If you’re a small business or start-up business, it’s doubtful you’ll need the capacity that the larger Enterprise ATS will offer you. Even if you think you might reach that point in the future, it’s still key to work with an applicant tracking system for small businesses and then upgrade as needed.

In addition to selecting an ATS that works best for your business’s size and needs, it’s also important to choose a system that is streamlined and easy to use. There are multiple systems available to you, but choosing one that will eliminate the stresses and time consuming efforts of the overall hiring process should be a priority when selecting the right applicant tracking system.

Also make sure the system is fairly self-explanatory so that you won’t need to spend countless hours training yourself or other employees you might trust with the task of running the ATS. Online recruiting systems like Recruiteze offer an easy, straightforward way to format and organize resumes, as well as offer an emailing system that will set up appointments for interviews that’s as easy as clicking a button!

Even more, the system you choose should also be user friendly for the applicants that will be using them to apply for jobs through your company. Making sure the system is compatible and user friendly on both ends is key when selecting an ATS. Otherwise, not only will you and your employees become frustrated with using the system, you might end up losing valuable data, and  potential employees that decide not to apply for a job with your business because the system is too difficult to use.

Selecting the best applicant tracking system starts with choosing the type you need, making sure it’s user friendly for both you and applicants applying for jobs, and also one that’s affordable. Good luck with making the best selection for your company! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Recruiteze!

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