Top Recruiting Solutions Company Finds Recruiteze to be a ‘Powerful, Easy-to-Use ATS’

Plus, Client Mind Founder Says You Can Start Using Recruiteze Right Away Without Extensive Training


When an in-house developed applicant tracking tool proved to no longer be up to the challenge, Client Mind Founder Neal Spungen began an exhaustive search for a replacement.

That search process ultimately led him to Recruiteze, a comprehensive Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that is both feature-rich and very easy to use.

“We looked at many different applicant tracking systems including the leading platforms and many newly launched options,” Spungen said. “We chose Recruiteze based on the ease of use, its system capabilities, and the exciting, positive results we achieved during the trial.”

Here’s How Recruiteze Works:

The software program creates an easy to access database for applications. Clients can then filter and search that database via parameters that they choose.

The software allows users to quickly put into order information that is often scattered and difficult to find quickly. For instance, Recruiteze users can group and search applications based on tags to ensure candidates with essential skills and knowledge are not overlooked.

Users can also automate the candidate communication process and even simplify job posting so that they are able to place help wanted ads on multiple platforms at one time.

Plus, Recruiteze is able to do all of that while remaining very simple to use.

That means no training sessions. Users can start taking advantage of Recruiteze immediately and also enjoy an immediate positive impact on their recruiting and hiring processes 

Benefits Received by Client Mind

Tracking –

One of the biggest advantages mentioned by Spungen was that Recruiteze delivers powerful candidate tracking throughout the process. Where before it could become difficult for the company to stay up-to-date on candidates and hiring, now with Recruiteze it became easy. Client Mind was also able to ensure it sent out timely communications and keep both candidates and employers actively involved throughout.

Easy to Use – 

Recruiteze’s ease of use was another big advantage mentioned by Spungen. This ease of use meant employees didn’t have to miss important work time learning how to use the software. That, in turn, meant the company was able to start benefiting from Recruiteze right away.

Excellent Support – 

Here’s what Spungen said about the support delivered by Recuiteze: “Recruiteze provides unparalleled support. All of my questions have been answered by someone within just an hour.”

Cost Effective – 

One more great thing about Recruiteze is that it is highly cost effective. The software speeds up and simplifies the applicant tracking process, which means employees have more time to spend on clients and less time doing admin-type work. Thanks to that effect, it can pay for itself in no time.

The Bottom Line …

Client Mind is a company that specializes in helping employers solve the challenge of attracting the most qualified candidates. Client Mind especially understands that high demand skills such as cybersecurity and software engineering can be particularly difficult to find.

The company has created a proven approach and processes that allow its clients to go from open requisition to new employee without having to worry about recruiting.

Client Mind also prides itself on going beyond the resume and providing employers with a full narrative to better understand what a candidate brings to the position and what they’re looking for. Included in the narratives is critical information about what the candidate is seeking in a new role and why they are leaving their current position

Now thanks to Recruiteze, Client Mind’s applicant tracking process has been streamlined and improved so that recruiters can stay on top of the candidate search and hire processes and have more time to meet employer needs and find more highly-qualified candidates.

“Recruiteze is a powerful yet easy-to-use ATS that provides many features only found in more expensive systems,” Spungen said. “I would highly recommend Recruiteze. It’s a powerful and cost effective ATS that you can start using right away without extensive training.”

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