Top Tips for Controlling Staffing Costs

ATS For Small BusinessStaffing costs form a major component of your company expenses. It is estimated that it consumes approximately half the yearly salary of an employee to recruit and get them to optimum functional ability.

That’s certainly a lot of money!

Even though these are considered to be the costs of being in business, and your employees form an indispensable part of your organization, the fact remains that you can’t go overboard in your expenses related to staffing. If you are facing a problem because you are spending more than average money on costs that are associated with staffing, you must cut them down immediately. Did you know that an ATS for small business can help you decrease your staffing costs? Recrutieze is the best free applicant tracking system on the market. Click here to use Recruiteze today and for FREE.


It is necessary because this will help improve margins in your business. Are you facing a similar problem and looking at cutting down staffing costs? The obvious solution to rein in the recruitment costs lies in taking a closer look at your staffing strategy. If you really want to maximize profits for your organization, the foremost thing to do is to deploy effective staffing methods.

Scroll down to find a list of staffing tips that are not only practical, but can easily be deployed to enhance organizational productivity, reduce overhead, and increase profits.

Reduction in Employee Recruitment and Training Costs

Recruiting and training an employee to a level at which they can yield maximum productivity costs a lot of money for the organization. In order to cut down the training costs and to improve the efficiency levels of your employees, have you ever considered recruiting skilled temporary employees? Recruitment of temporary staff when there are many projects in the pipeline and deadlines are looming is always a great option. Keep track with your hiring with an ATS for small business hiring.

Collaboration with a Staffing Agency

Have you thought about collaborating with a staffing agency to cut down on your recruitment costs? When you work with a staffing agency, you don’t have to worry about posting vacancies, conducting interviews, screening applicants or even recruiting them. All these activities are well taken care of by your staffing agency. You, therefore, tend to save a lot of money, time, and effort by teaming up with a recruitment or staffing agency. Such agencies understand your requirements well and also have a pipeline of candidates that suit your industry. Even more, they can help you with your seasonal demand for skilled or non-skilled staffers. You may even ask them to conduct training sessions or workshops depending on your needs. Eliminating the need to conduct in-house training and workshops will, further, help you save a lot of money.

How to Hire the Right Staffing Agency?
Advantages of Hiring a Staffing Agency

Skill Gaps Assessment and Work Outsourcing

As a recruitment manager or staffing expert, you must never underestimate the importance of skill assessment in your workplace. Why? It is crucial because it helps identify skill gaps that might be prevalent in your organization. Furthermore, it can be used for the identification and training of employees that show potential for getting trained in new skills and are open to learning. In order to enhance their productivity, you may even consider offering certification and educational incentives to them. Outsourcing the work, depending on your requirements, is a great option that will eliminate hiring needs for any unnecessary positions.

Working Towards Reducing Employee Turnover

Have you ever analyzed how much it will cost you if you continue the same process of hiring and rehiring within your organization? Even though it is normal for every organization to deal with small employee turnover, it must never exceed the threshold levels. You need to immediately identify the problems that are forcing employees to leave your organization. Is your company conducting exit interviews? Are you using the data from exit interviews to gain a better understanding of the problems that are being faced by your employees? All your efforts must be directed towards providing your employees with a congenial work environment and incentives that will make them want to stick with your organization for the long term.

How to Reduce Employee Turnover?

Reducing Administrative Burden

The formulation of the right staffing strategy is something that plays a crucial role in helping you reduce costs, enhance productivity and carry effective risk management. One of the critical components of an effective staffing strategy is to reduce the burden on your administrative department. How can you do that? It’s easy!

Encourage the recruitment of temporary staff in your organization and reduce the number of direct hires. This will transfer the costs linked with payroll processing and administrative tasks to the staffing agency/hiring firm you are teamed up with. Using an ATS for small business hiring, like Recruiteze, also reduces the daily redundant admin work you have to grind through. Get hours of your day back with Recruiteze!

Employee Overtime

Can your company really not do without overtime? Did you know that it is one of the most expensive methods of getting your work done? Why would you not want to make use of temporary employees when that can help you reduce your staffing costs by more than 20%? It is obvious why, therefore, experts recommend making use of a temporary staff when the workload is high and deadlines are approaching fast.

Employee Burnout Costs

ATS for small businessAre you pushing your employees way too much in an attempt to get the desired results? Or, is it that you are taking the concept of “lean thinking” too seriously and quite far? Basically, what you are doing is increasing their stress levels by providing them with insufficient resources and expecting them to deliver more. Do you have any idea where it is leading to? It is certainly not yielding any positive results. In fact, it is leading to a number of