The Truth About Resume Formatting Tools Is About to Be Revealed

Businesses today are rapidly evolving. A constant change has been noticed in the perspectives and dimensions of organizations towards their business outlook. In this fast-changing business world, resume formatting services are quickly becoming one of the perennial needs. Companies need these services to save time, increase their recruitment efficiency, and grab the best talent in the market.

Such demands of the recruitment world have augmented the need for fast resume processing with the help of intelligent software. This blog covers some amazing features and truths related to resume formatting tools and how they are becoming an indispensable part of each and every organization, be it a large firm, staffing firm, or small business.    

First. let’s learn more about what exactly a resume formatting tool is?

A resume formatting tool is a fully automated resume formatting service especially designed to meet the needs of staffing agencies, small firms, and recruiters. A resume formatting tool inputs a resume and transforms/parses it into a client presentable format using predefined templates and other components.

Benefits of a Resume Formatting Services for Businesses

Having a resume formatting tool onboard will help to leverage the recruitment process by properly organizing, formatting, and storing candidate information. Also, this tool helps remove the redundant resumes automatically which can help you find the suitable candidates.

Resume formatting services help the HR departments of organizations by providing a consistent and streamlined support for resume storing and searching. The service addresses the key functions of the firm or organization with regard to the hiring drive and helps them find the perfect resource with effective processing help. The resume formatting service aims to bring a disciplined and streamlined resume selection process, which in turn helps to drive candidate selection. 

The tool makes the complete recruitment process coherent which helps organizations utilize their resources effectively and efficiently. An authentic resume helps organizations find the candidate that has the desired experience and skill to handle the dynamic needs of that particular job opening. 

Why Do Organizations Need Resume Processing?

Organizations need a resume processing service to manage their resume database online in a well-organized manner. The resume filtering and parsing are both done by the resume formatting tool. Apart from formatting, the resume formatting tool aids in structural improvement, margin correction, grammar correction, proofreading, sentence phrasing, etc. All the tools are designed to handle large to heavy volumes of resumes smoothly.

The changes are incorporated in such a manner that the overall appearance of the resume remains the same but the resume is put into a client presentable format.

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Features of a Perfect Resume Formatting Tool 2019

1. Collect Resumes from Attachments

Apart from online job portals, many candidates send their resumes to a recruiter’s e-mail. Most of the ATS or the resume formatting tools aren’t able to recognize this which means that the recruiter has to open each and every email, download the resume, and then upload it to the ATS or the resume formatter. This is a sheer waste of time. The new generation resume formatting tools help recruiters collect the resume attachments even from their mailbox.

Some of the intelligent tools automatically convert each resume into a candidate’s profile. This way the recruiters significantly save themselves from the hassles of manually sifting through the resumes to fit the desired job requirement. The resume formatting tool also ensures that all the candidates’ information is available in the recruiting software. 

2. Parse Resumes

This smart feature of the resume formatting tool helps to extract the candidate’s information from the documents and create his/her profile. All the details such as name, phone number, e-mail id, etc are added to the profile.  

Earlier the main problem faced by many organizations was having to extract contact and other information from the candidate resumes manually which is a time-consuming and cumbersome activity. Even if the copy pasting activity takes a few seconds when it comes to hundreds of resumes, time does matter! Moreover, copy pasting is a tedious activity which is very prone to human error.

The resume parsing feature of the resume formatting tool helps to avoid human errors which might come along with manual data entry. And, of course, automation saves time as all the information is automatically updated and is immediately visible to the recruiting team.

3. Duplicate Detection

It has been noted that many candidates apply to the same job opening multiple times, especially when they find it on different job search engines and web pages. Comparing all the resumes and verifying that it is actually the same person could be pretty time consuming, frustrating, and monotonous.

The resume formatting tools when integrated with ATS have a remarkable duplicate detection feature which helps to identify the duplicate entries and eliminate them. The main criterion is based on the candidate’s e-mail id. If two or more profiles share the same mail id, the entries will be considered as one profile. This duplicate detection feature will help recruiters sift through the candidate profiles more quickly.

4. Accept Resumes in All Formats

Applicants use a variety of formats while creating their CVs or resumes. The ATS used by the company should be capable of reading all the formats or else it is useless. The recruiters will be forced to spend a lot of time converting all the resumes to one single format that is accepted by the company’s ATS to avoid missing out on qualified candidates.

The new and improved resume formatting tools available on the market are now able to parse any type of file, be it DOC , DOCX, PDF, RTF etc. This certainly helps recruiters as now they won’t overlook the right candidate just because of a resume format.

5. Fast and Accurate Resume Search

Sometimes recruiters aren’t able to find even the simplest information they have been looking for in a resume, even when it is right there. Especially for growing firms, when the resource database is expanding and the company is hiring for multiple positions, searching and sorting the data could be a tedious and tiring activity. The resume parser of the resume formatting tool makes it possible for recruiters to quickly access the information they have been looking for with just a single click.   

The resume search shall also search the profiles of candidates including the resumes and the notes which have been added by the recruiter. This tool is so powerful that it can scan hundreds of resumes for the exact phrases or words in the blink of an eye.

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6. Resume Uploading and Storing

The resume formatting software doesn’t only add the new candidate profiles but it also helps with storing the existing ones. Recruiters can directly upload the resumes and the tool will automatically create the desired candidate profile by parsing the information such as e-mail id, contact, skills, name, etc.

In fact, the latest resume formatting tools also support uploading via ZIP or CSV files which enables recruiters to upload multiple resumes at a time. Each of the resumes will be converted into searchable candidate profiles.   

Instantly converting and parsing the resumes into profiles and storing the information ensures that no candidate gets inadvertently overlooked by the recruiters.

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In a Nutshell

By using a professional resume formatting service, the recruiters will get:

  • An attractive and professional design that will attract the clients in the first go
  • A resume which is clear and easy to read and comprehend
  • A document which can easily be scanned in under 15 seconds
  • A resume that is fully formatted as per the corporate standards
  • A resume that is keyword optimized for the desired position

Winding Up

The resume formatting tool has become a lifeline for recruiters in staffing firms, small companies, and startups. This incredibly smart tool parses, formats, and adds the resumes to the candidate database immediately. Users can access candidate resumes anytime from anywhere and can make the changes instantly. Resume formatting has never been so easy. This amazing technology customizes every resume as per the company’s brand as well as client needs within seconds. This tool rolls out the recruiter’s pain of filling job requisitions so that they can focus on what they do best.

Best Resume Formatting Services for 2019

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