Top 3 Recruiterbox Competitors and Alternatives In 2023

Top 3 Recruiterbox Competitors and Alternatives In 2023

People often decide it is time for them to switch things in their life and work, and the same happens with recruiting tools. It may be because you need a more effective solution that will help you solve and automate tasks more efficiently, or you need to upgrade to something more professional. Having a suitable recruitment tool helps you strengthen your recruitment game significantly.

However, it’s always a good idea to get multiple quotes and demos before choosing the right applicant tracking system for you. For this reason, we have tested dozens of recruiting tools and selected the top 3 alternatives for Recruiterbox based on different use cases:

  1. Recruiterbox alternative #1: Recruiteze All-inclusive small business and staffing agency ATS.
  2. Recruiterbox alternative #2: Jobvite Your in-house solution.
  3. Recruiterbox alternative #3: Workable Enterprise applicant tracking system.

During the testing, we relied on “several indicators,” and our rating system was based on:

  1. User experience – How easy is it compared to SmartRecruiters?
  2. Standout features – What are they, and are they worth it?
  3. Pricing – Does the software justify its price?
  4. Customer support effectiveness – How is the company’s customer support?

So let’s get into our findings.

Overview of Recruiterbox ATS

Overview of Recruiterbox ATS

Recruiterbox is an ATS designed for small to mid-sized businesses. Like most applicant tracking systems, it allows you to customize workflows, post job openings to multiple boards and platforms with one click, automate notifications and email templates and manage candidates.

However, as it happens with every software or service, there are various reasons people and companies decide to switch to another one. Before we start discussing Recruiterbox competitors, we will quickly go over their features.

Recruiterbox advantages

  • Radius search – This feature is excellent because it makes job posts appear on career pages based on the candidates’ location. So if someone from NYC gets on a career page, it will show job posts for NYC and closest to NYC first.
  • Responsive customer support – Recruiterbox has very good technical customer support that is swift to reply and help with your problems.
  • Intuitive UI – Recruiterbox is straightforward to navigate and use. However, it is outdated and needs a redesign and better UX.

Recruiterbox advantages

RecruiterBox shortcomings

  • No free trial – Sadly, Recruiterbox doesn’t offer a free trial so testing out the software and features is impossible.
  • Doesn’t offer an automated resume formatting – This can be so frustrating, especially for staffing agencies, since you will need separate software handling this.
  • No tailored customizations – When we reached out to the support to ask them if they could tailor and tweak some features to our needs, they have simply stated that they can only help us maximize the use of features they are already offering, which is a huge con.

RecruiterBox pricing

Recruiterbox doesn’t display pricing publicly, and they do not offer a free trial. If you want to see how the software works and find out the pricing, you will need to schedule a demo with them.

Recruiterbox Alternative #1: Recruiteze

Recruiterbox Competitor #1: Recruiteze

Recruiteze is a modern small business applicant tracking system and talent management system; hence it is a fantastic Recruiterbox alternative for small businesses and staffing agencies.

Besides all the features of an ATS like customizable workflows, bulk resume and job openings uploads, candidate tracking, and career pages, Recruitize is packed with advanced features and thus makes a great combination of an ATS and CRM.

The advanced features listed below help you save time with talent management and much more.

Recruiteze advantages

The standout features of Recruiteze are:

  • Screening questions – Recruiteze allows you to create advanced screening questions forms and then quickly screen and shortlist better candidates for the jobs. You can create different questionnaires for different job openings too.
  • CRM functionalities – This is a pack of great features that allow you to easily manage candidates, especially if you are a staffing agency. You can easily manage candidates, vendors, clients, and hiring managers and keep all the communications and notes in one place. This way, your team members can stay up to date with everything.
  • Career page widgets – People browsing your website might be interested in working but won’t visit the careers page. With Recruiteze’s career page widget, you can embed job openings directly onto the website’s homepage.
  • Candidate blacklist – This feature allows you to delete all the emails and data from this candidate and block all the future ones from coming in. The feature comes in handy for spam email and fraudsters that are just trying to work out your applicant funnel.
  • Beginner-friendly and intuitive UI – Recruiteze’s dashboard is very simple and straightforward. Navigation is seamless, and it’s a matter of minutes until you get to know how to use it.
  • Great for volume hiring – Bulk features within Recruiteze allow you to easily go through mass and volume hiring.
  •  iReformat – Recruiteze offers a resume reformatting service that helps with reviewing and formatting resumes, iReformat, which is complementary with Recruiteze ATS and a complete game-changer for staffing agencies. It has a mobile app for iOS devices, supports PDF, Docx, and Text formats and blind hiring.