Uses for Resume Formatting Service

resume formatting software Ever wondered what is the most time consuming part of the recruiting process? Is it personal interviews? NO! Resume screening is the most time consuming and lethargic activity in the entire hiring process. In fact, it may take up to 24 hours for just one hire! That’s why resume formatting software and service is so important. Let’s take a deep dive to learn why!

The hiring drive of a medium scale organization receives approximately 250 resumes for one job opening as per BeHiring. Out of these 250 resumes, around 70% of applicants are unqualified or under qualified for sure. Even the best talent acquisition leaders find resume screening to be the toughest part of any recruitment drive.

With the dawn of 2019, recruiters are aiming to “do more with less” and this is only possible when things are automated, thereby, optimizing the workflow.

The recent technological changes and the blending of Artificial Intelligence into recruiting software have combined candidate sourcing with recruitment marketing strategies and have also enabled live candidate interviewing with the interviewers. Even after such advancements, the pain in resume filtering remains unaddressed.

On an average, the time spent in resume screening enjoys the lion’s share in the complete recruitment drive. With competition ratcheting up every day, the top talent only stays in the market for a week to 10 days max.

This blog orients readers and helps them understand how resume formatting service can ease the resume screening process and save recruiters time when tackling this biggest bottleneck in recruiting.

But before that let’s see the challenges which are faced by the recruiters while screening the resumes.


As per the latest survey conducted on talent acquisition leaders, the most prominent recruiting KPI turned out to be ‘quality of hire’ and second was ‘time to fill’ the vacancy. Both of these factors are directly affected by resume screening.

  1. Resume Volume

The more the resumes are received for a job opening, the more it increases the time it takes to fill the position. The ultimate solution to this problem is to opt for a resume formatting service. Most of the ATS or recruiting software already have this as a built in feature. The resume formatting service of any ATS helps talent acquisition leaders  organize, format and manage all the resumes received for each opening.

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  1. Quality of Hire

Quality of hire is the top recruiting KPI for all recruiters or talent acquisition leaders. An ATS may help reduce the time it takes for resume screening but may not be that helpful in measuring the quality of hire as it is not designed for analyzing the performance of the employee post hiring.

  1. Screening Non-Word Files

The resumes that are submitted by candidates vary in formats such as word, .txt, RTF or PDF. So, it becomes very difficult to organize or edit them as per the company standards.  All this calls for an urgent need of a resume formatting service.

Understanding Resume Formatting Service

Resume formatting service helps to convert a candidate resume (in any format) into a standard format that is readable, presentable, and easy to filter. It basically standardizes the resume as per the company standards.

A good resume is easy to read, scan, and allows the reader to grab the most important information in a single glance. If the resume is unable to grab the reader’s attention then it may not be read even partially!

The Need for Resume Formatting Tool

A talent acquisition leader has umpteen roles and responsibilities apart from just screening the resumes. The best way to hire quality candidates is by speaking to clients and candidates. Having a resume formatting service helps you save a lot of time which can then be invested in speaking to the candidates and clients. This can help you win the quest for the best talent.

Flashy gimmicks and colorful papers do not make resumes eligible for reading. Rather, they are at a higher risk of rejection. A strong resume needs great content depicted in a presentable format that is easy to comprehend and read.

A good resume format highlights the key areas and entices the HR manager to keep reading. Also, it presents all the information up front simultaneously convincing the HR manager and the client that the information is worth reading.

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Formatting Is Important at Every Level

It doesn’t matter whether the applicant is a fresher or a seasoned professional, their resume needs to be formatted properly to cast a great impression at every level. The resume is the face of the candidate and it casts the initial impression so it has to be impressive.

The flow and format of the resume play a crucial role in shortlisting candidates for the interview calls.

How Does Resume Formatting Software Work?

A resume formatting software helps parse, format, and add resumes to the candidate database in real time. Then administrators can easily access the resumes and make the changes as per their company’s standards.

This service helps to format the resumes as per the brand and client needs within a few seconds. It alleviates the recruiter’s pain by filling out job requisitions at a lightning fast speed allowing recruiters to focus on other recruitment processes.

Talent acquisition leaders are endowed with an unparalleled efficient tool when resume formatting service gets combined with their regular ATS. It gives power to the recruiters to format as per their customized template within seconds.

Uses of a Resume Formatting Service

  1. Customized Resume Templates

A resume formatting service helps recruiters format resumes and build and save the resumes as per company’s standards or a customized template.

  1. Accurate and Fast Parsing

Apart from saving time, a formatting service ensures a quality hire as well by parsing accurately and speedily.

  1. Docx, PDF, RTF, or Text Formats

The service is compatible with all file types and even offers multiple format options while saving the final file.

  1. Customized Headers and Footers

The resume formatting software helps distinguish essential information from the rest of resume content to serve as a header and footer such as company name, recruiter, job opening, candidate, contact information, page number, confidentiality statement, etc.  The content alignment such as right, left, or center justify is taken care of automatically.

  1. Customize Sections

Things such as margins, fonts, and formats can also be set using the resume formatting service.

It can set the font and formatting for employer names, job titles, and education.

  1. Setting Things Right and Removing the Unwanted

Resume formatting service helps in the removal or defining of borders and spaces (tabs and bullets).  It also helps set and adjust table rows and cell alignment of tables.  Candidate information such as contact details, photos, etc is automatically suppressed.

The skills section is highlighted to make a good impression as it points the reader to the specific information the recruiter wants the client to read.

  1. Styling

The service applies customized list levels and font templates to grab the reader’s focus. It also removes unwanted formatting styles such as italics, bold, or underline.

Recruiters can definitely increase their bottom line if they have ample time. Check out how.

  1. Resume formatting service helps create an optimal presentation of the company to new clients and boost the number of clients on the record.
  2. This service also saves enough time for the recruiters, which can then be utilized in talking to hiring managers and getting detailed job descriptions that are essential for the interview round.
  3. Now, the recruiters can spend more time talking and interviewing the candidates and finding the best fit among them. This works both ways. First, recruiters get to know the candidate’s job expectations, skills, and experience. Secondly, the candidate can be groomed more on the job requirements as well as the company’s expectations.
  4. Resumes are reviewed on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. So, the earlier the resume is submitted, the better the chances of candidate selection by the client. The formatting service eventually speeds up your submission rate.

Winding Up

For a candidate or a job seeker, the resume is the first and only exposure to a company or client. Resume format can make or break the deal or even the entire job search process. It is important to have the resume in a format that encompasses easy readability as well as draws attention to all the significant details.

A resume formatting service helps recruiters make their candidates stand out from the rest. In this competitive world, a cluttered resume will have a negative impact, especially when everyone out there is looking for easier options.

A great formatted resume communicates to the potential employer a message that the candidate has a good eye for information and design and is the ideal employee they have been looking for.

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