Resume Formatting Tool – Do you need it? [2022 Updated]

Does your Staffing Agency Software provide a Resume Formatting Tool?

If you are using staffing agency software to manage your firm, you should read this article to understand how having a resume formatting tool can immensely increase your bottom line.

In this article, we will talk about:

  1. What is a resume formatting tool?
  2. How much it takes to format a resume.
  3. Pros of using a resume formatting tool.
  4. Cons of using a resume formatting tool.
  5. The best online resume formatting tool on the market in 2021.

What is a resume formatting tool?

An online resume formatting tool is software that automatically formats resumes to match a designated template. Recruiters often format resumes manually to meet clients’ specifications and make resumes easier to read and review, but that’s no longer necessary.

There are several reasons to use a resume formatting tool and virtually no reasons to not use one. Here are some of the reasons.

What is a resume formatting tool?

If you are looking for staffing agency software with an advanced resume formatting tool, you do not have to go far. Recruiteze is the perfect small business online ATS with the most unique and advanced resume formatting tool available.

Modern online staffing agency software can provide the features to manage your jobs, candidates, notes, and communication. However, there are not many systems that can offer you accurate resume formatting tool like Recruiteze.

It takes an average of 20 minutes to format a resume

Yes, based on our survey, we have found recruiters taking anywhere from 5 minutes to 35 minutes to format a resume. Most recruiters do not even do resume formatting because of time restraints.

An average recruiter submits at least four resumes per day. So, you are looking at 80 minutes spent on formatting.

Here are some hiring statistics that will help you understand the funnel:

  • 1000 candidates will see a job post.
  • 200 candidates will begin the application process.
  • 100 candidates will complete the application.
  • 75 of those 100 resumes will be screened out by the ATS.
  • 25 resumes will be seen by the hiring manager.
  • 4 to 6 candidates will be invited for an interview.
  • 1 to 3 candidates will be invited back for a final interview.
  • 1 will be selected, and 80% of those offered will accept it.

Did you know that it takes an average of 20 minutes to format a resume?

Looking at these numbers, when you submit a resume to the hiring manager, you should provide a professional-looking one that is cleanly formatted. You can manage your staffing process through software; would it not be better if the same software can help you streamline your submissions?

Pros of using automated online resume formatting tool

Now let’s discuss the pros of using an automated online resume formatting tool. Here’s the list of prons we will talk about in great detail here:

  1. Sanity saved
  2. Time saved
  3. Diversity and blind hiring
  4. Eliminating conflicts
  5. Automatization
  6. Branding
  7. Better hires

Sanity Saved

What are the pros of using automated online resume formatting tool?

It hurts the brain to read dozens of resumes in a day that all look different. Between fonts, font sizes, order of information, date order, name order, and colors, each resume could have changed a great deal from the last, requiring the reader to regroup for each one.

One resume will have education first, then work experience, then skills, with the month first and the day second, and the last name first and the first name last. Then the next one could be the exact opposite. And the third some combination between.

And the colors and fonts, we won’t even go into that one.

And what if you are looking for an individual factoid? It’s so much more simple to just jump to a resume and find precisely what you want when the resume has been formatted in a template you chose or design.

It’s like boom; here it is. I know exactly where to look.

Time Saved

Save your time with Recruiteze

That mental regrouping mentioned in the last paragraph slows the reader down. Thinking is excellent when reading resumes, but it should only be thinking about the match between the candidate and the job, not sorting out their resume format.

Both the candidate and the business will benefit from allowing this extra time and attention to be devoted to what’s important.

A resume formatting tool also saves time if you’ve been formatting resumes manually. Talk about a mind-numbing task when you could be giving your attention to the candidate.

Staffing agency software that also has resume formatting tools can format resumes within 15 seconds. If it also supports email templates, you can format and submit a resume within 30 seconds. So, you are now saving more than an hour of your time.

Format resumes within 15 seconds with Recruiteze

When you have more time, here are some things that you can do to increase your bottom line:

  • Increase the number of your clients. Tell them how you can differentiate by providing personal care and attention.
  • Spend more time talking to hiring managers to get detailed job descriptions. Capturing thorough job, skill, team, and culture requirements are immensely useful to submit the best candidates for the position.
  • Spend more time sourcing the best candidates for the job. Sourcing involves screening the candidates carefully to understand they have the required experience to work on the job.
  • Spend more time talking to candidates. If you can speak to candidates, explain the job requirements better, and understand their capabilities. It helps build your relationship with the candidate. Also, it will help you submit the right candidate for the job.
  • Faster submission. Resumes are reviewed in the order of receipt. So, the sooner you can submit, the better your chance of getting an interview for your candidate. The interview is what will finally lead to closure.
  • When you do all these activities, it will increase your fill ratio. This positively increases your bottom line.

Diversity and Blind Hiring

Diversity and Blind Hiring

Blind hiring is a helpful tactic in developing diversity initiatives, and a resume formatting tool can help you achieve it. However, if you aren’t familiar with it, blind hiring is a powerful way to tackle unconscious hiring bias, which is where someone is making discriminatory decisions about a candidate without realizing it.

The online resume formatting system can remove names, addresses, schools, and any other criteria that may be a tip-off for biases:

  1. Names can reveal gender and race.
  2. If the reader is familiar with the address given on the resume, they may automatically know the candidate comes from a poor or rich neighborhood or a white or black one.
  3. Schools can tip readers off to a candidate’s location and monetary status or give them an idea about their skills or intelligence based solely on the school’s reputation.
  4. You might end up with a horrible candidate who lied about their school or was an underperformer at a great school while another candidate excelled in a less than exciting school.

If you run this tool before reading the resume yourself, you won’t have a chance to even know the information before interviewing the candidate, so all the steps leading up to it cannot possibly be biased.

If you are sending the resume to another manager or a client, you can use the tool to remove this information before they see it.

Using recruiting software like a resume formatting tool also helps you prove your case if a question of discrimination arises.

Eliminating Conflicts

Eliminating Conflicts

Have you ever sent a resume to a client’s hiring manager or let a fellow hiring manager see a resume and then had them call or email the candidate themselves when it was your job to do that?

This is just the sort of situation a resume formatting tool can solve. Innocent confusion or sheer untrustworthiness don’t have to be an issue if the other person doesn’t even receive the contact information. They can’t contact someone they don’t have the means to contact.

The online resume formatting system can do this automatically, so protecting your interests and the efficiency of the relationship or business is effortless, at least in this area.



A resume formatting tool formats instantly.

No more wasted time doing nothing but confirming a resume to a set format. Some tools process resumes automatically upon their receipt, and others require you to upload others into the tool.

Either way, it handles many resumes in seconds while you do more important things like actually reading and considering a resume or planning a strategic, self-screening job ad.



The online resume formatting system can instantly add headers, footers, and watermarks to each resume a recruiter send to clients, providing powerful branding in an instant.

All you have to do is create the information to be added and input resumes into the tool. There aren’t mistakes, as may be seen if you manually add these to each resume yourself. Unless the errors are in the template itself.

Better Hires

Hire better

People get frustrated, bored, and unproductive when doing repetitive tasks. What about when that repetitive task is also jarring?

You are going to get tired and just want to be done as quickly as possible. Who wants hiring to be this way?

The candidate would be horrified to know that the recruiter or hiring manager was so frustrated or simply exhausted that they made an instant judgment on their resume based on one bit of information or simply because they’re not even paying attention anymore.

In this situation, you are not getting quality hires because you can’t juggle reading this volume of unformatted resumes and get the hire processed fast enough to achieve the desired time-to-hire.

And it’s virtually impossible for a hiring manager or recruiter to read dozens of unformatted resumes in a day without reaching that point.

Cons of using automated online resume formatting tool

Cons of using automated online resume formatting tool

The downsides to using an online resume formatting system are few and easily avoided and discounted. They are:

  1. Wonky resumes
  2. Maintenance

Wonky Resumes