Recruitment Marketing: What It Is & 6 Use Cases

As a modern recruiter, you need to be both a marketer and salesperson.

This article details what recruitment marketing is and how you can use recruitment marketing to increase your hiring quality.

What is Recruitment Marketing?


Recruitment marketing is the art of building an engaging online presence through job advertisements, career page, company blogs, and social media channels.

The applications received through these recruitment marketing efforts are like the leads generated for a product or service in traditional marketing terms.

Let us discuss what a lead is and the different types of leads in general.

As per this article on Hubspot, “a lead is any person who indicates interest in a company’s product or service in some way, shape or form.

In the case of recruitment marketing, it is the candidate applying for a position.

In general marketing terms, there are various types of leads based on the level of maturity in their engagement with the product or service.

For recruitment marketing purposes, we will consider two types of leads.

Low-Quality Leads

Many candidates are applying but are not a good match for your company culture or job requirement.

High-Quality Leads


A smaller number of candidates are applying who match your company culture and job requirement.

The goal of recruitment marketing is to generate high-quality leads or applications.

Recognizing it in Practice


Are you doing the following things?

Writing Detailed Job Advertisements


A job advertisement has to be very clear, sharing relevant information about the company, the group for which you are hiring, education, benefits, skills, and job duties.

The more detailed the job description, the better the quality of applications. Here is a detailed article on how to write killer job descriptions.

Maintaining Career Page


A career page is the most critical page where the candidates seek more information about a company.

An excellent converting career page will have only the active jobs listed. It will clearly show the benefits offered by the company.

You can also have some employee success stories, talking about why they like working for the company.

LinkedIn Company Page


Another place where candidates look for information is the LinkedIn company page. Having a branded LinkedIn company page with the latest company updates from the various employees can provide an excellent impression on the candidate.



These days, most purchasing decisions are made by reading product or service reviews on sites like Amazon, Capterra, Yelp, etc. Similarly, Glassdoor is the place applicants visit to read about the company reviews.

This is not something you can control, but you can certainly ask happy employees to write a positive review for your company.

Facebook Company Page


Some candidates also check your Facebook company page. Maintain your Facebook company page with news and updates. On Facebook, you can have more employee stories and pictures.

As you see, these are some ways you can increase the quality of applicants.

Use Cases


Rejecting a lot of Candidates


If you are rejecting a majority of the applicants, you are not doing an excellent job with your recruitment marketing.

The reason for getting applicants who do not match the qualifications, most likely is there is not enough details in the job description.

Bad Candidate Experience


If you have received negative feedback from unhappy applicants, either due to the incomplete information, lengthy application, or lack of communication. You have to up your recruitment marketing efforts.

Time to Hire


If you are taking longer to hire, your recruitment marketing efforts are not up to the mark.

It is also dependent on the tools you are using. A lot of times the recruitment process takes longer if you are doing with manual methods like email and spreadsheets.

Quality of Hire