Why Candidate Submission Response Time Matters to Small Businesses?

Why Candidate Submission Response Time Matters to Small Businesses

The most frustrating part for any recruiter in the hiring process is to wait for the response of the hiring authorities for the candidate submission. Applicant Tracking systems, online job boards and other software have helped a lot to improve time to hire and have even automated the submission process. But still, the recruiters get a major set back by the delay arising from the hiring authority’s end. As a result, the cost incurred is huge.

It’s not their fault on the whole. The hiring authorities are preoccupied with hundreds of emails every day. They have a lot more work to do apart from replying to the recruiters such as meeting the targets, managing employees, tackling resignations etc. The team members from hiring authorities are too busy to reply back to everyone. Thus, recruiters need to understand this and find alternate ways to deal with it.

Importance of Candidate Submission Response Time

It needs a dedicated effort from both recruiters and hiring authorities for attaining the best candidate submission response time. Have a look at some of the reasons why quick candidate submission is very crucial for any organization.  

1.    Capture the Best Candidates

In today’s ever-growing market, it is hard to entice great candidates. Searching for the best talent is a tough job as it disappears fast. The recruiters need to act very quickly to get the best ones on board.

2.  Provides an Invaluable Feedback

Submission responses submitted by the hiring authorities such as accepting or rejecting any candidate, help the recruiters understand the expectations of the hiring authorities. The faster the communication is made, the lesser the time wasted on candidates unsuitable for the position. In fact, the recruiters can actually fine-tune their hiring strategies using feedback from the submission responses. This significantly improves the talent pool of the most eligible candidates sent to the hiring authorities.

3.  A Motivation Streak for the Recruiters

It’s a self-explanatory thing that recruiters work more enthusiastically for the hiring managers who respond quickly and promptly. This additionally acts as a motivational force and keeps the spirit of “get going” alive. The bottom line is that recruiters enjoy working only with the authorities that respond timely.

4.  Reduced Time to Fill

Faster submission rates can actually improve the time to hire not only in days but even in weeks. It helps to streamline the entire recruitment cycle. The employers who are more responsive receive a good number of applications and have higher offer-letter acceptance rates as well.

How to boost Candidate Submission Response Time?

There are many other reasons that impact the candidate submission time such as unclear application instructions, long application form, a career page that is not mobile compatible, etc. All these factors dramatically affect the candidate experience which ultimately turns down the submission rate. 

1. Refrain from Negative Experience

One negative feedback or candidate experience may completely change the odds against the company. It may happen that a candidate who had a negative experience may not apply to that organization again. Things don’t stop here, the candidate will influence others viewpoints as well. One bad GlassDoor review or social media review may turn the things unmanageable at the recruiter’s end.

So, it is imperative for the recruiters and hiring managers to deliver, or else, get ready to face the worst. All this might result in an organization losing out the best talent available in the market.

2. Create Brand Advocates from Good Experiences

On the contrary, offering good experiences creates some of the strongest brand advocates for the organization. The candidates are not only eager to accept the offer letter but also encourage their friends to join the company.

Even if the candidate does not get a job, he will be ready to apply again. Offering a great candidate experience swings the talent battle in the organization’s favor. The recruiters can be rest assured that they will receive the creamy talent layer from the market.

3.  Give Complete Job Details

Job postings that have substantial details such as start time, the compensation offered, designation, future prospects etc tend to garner more attention than the ones with fewer or no details. By maintaining transparency benefits both sides (recruiters and candidates). The recruiters are now sure that the candidate applying knows everything and would be ready to join if he gets selected. Also, the job seeker knows what the recruiters are looking for.

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4.  Applicant Tracking System- A Smart Choice

By keeping the candidates updated through notifications can do wonders. The recruiters can send notifications to the candidates regarding every stage of the recruitment process. An ATS plays a major role in boosting the candidate experience.

Sending a reply to each and every candidate manually would take years. So, the latest applicant tracking system is a blessing for recruiters. ATS automates almost all the underlying recruiting processes, thereby offering ample time to the recruiters for interviews and candidate relationship building.

Moreover, an ATS keeps Hiring Managers and recruiters on one single platform. This helps to build the missing connection. The hiring authority can give feedback at any level of the hiring process through an ATS that gives invaluable insights to the recruiters.

Now, the managers don’t have to open the email every time and send feedback. Things are just a click away. All thanks to cloud-based Applicant Tracking Systems.

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5. Shorten the Job Application

If the job application is short, the organization is likely to receive a lot more submissions. Most of the time candidates just leave the website after looking at the length of the application form.

The ATS plays an integral role here. It helps to extract all the information from the resume. So, it’s the choice of recruiters either to keep the job application short or to drop it altogether.

6. Optimize for Mobile Devices

The millennials don’t have time today so they prefer to use mobile devices for their entertainment, job sprucing, studying, etc. If the organization wants to capture the nonpareil talent, then it has to offer the best mobile experience as well. And the first step towards creating an unmatchable candidate experience is to make the website mobile-friendly and fully responsive. 

Final Words

Recruiting is a game that needs a recruiter’s wisdom and hiring manager’s feedback at every level. The best possible way to offer ample time to hiring managers to response is to use an ATS. The remote compatibility of the ATS helps the hiring managers to answer from anywhere and at any time. Thus, making the candidate submission time faster and more impactful.

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