7 Ways to Increase the User Adoption of ATS for Small Business

7 Ways to Increase the User Adoption of ATS for Small Business

Let’s face it!

One of the main aims of every ATS is to offer a straightforward and frictionless interface to the HR’s working on it and a great application experience. Believe it or not, user adoption has become a prime aspect of ATS success somewhere down the lane.

The modern-day applicant tracking systems are built with users in mind and focus primarily on enhancing the user experience by providing a user-friendly and engaging interface and functionality.

Here are a few key attributes that should be given priority to increasing user adoption of ATS for small businesses:

  1. User-friendly ATS interface
  2. Great Customer Support
  3. Apply the 80/20 Rule to Increase User Adoption of the ATS
  4. Must-Have ATS Features
  5. Integrate with your Existing HR Suite
  6. Reporting Metrics and Statistics
  7. Amazing Revamping Potential

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1. User-friendly ATS interface

User-friendly ATS interface

The ATS available in the market often come over-loaded with features that may overwhelm the recruiters. But the harsh truth is that such ATSs are inimical, which turns out to be the biggest blip for a small business.

A recruiting software having an intuitive interface is the need of the day. Practically, no one has time for long training hours in today’s time.

When UI is straightforward and easy, neither the hiring team nor the candidates need any prior technical knowledge to work on the ATS. Here are a few ways to determine the intuitiveness of an ATS.

An ATS is good to buy if the users:

  • Can learn and understand its functionality without guidance or much training.
  • May freely explore the features without fear of ATS crashing or something going wrong.
  • Feel satisfied and engaged while using the system.

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Small businesses don’t really bother about technology. What matters to them is the functionality offered by ATS in terms of reducing their workload. It’s a fact that a friendly interface means less confusion and lesser hours of training. Therefore, more and more users are willing to use it.

2. Great Customer Support

Helpful, polite, and quick customer support is essential to deal with the tech troubles faced by the users. In addition, the users can browse the internet for reviews, testimonials, and other feedback comments on social media and search engines.

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