9 Signs You Need a Small Business Applicant Tracking System

Let’s analyze the process that ensues when you have a job vacancy. Dozens of applications pour in, you have to screen volumes of information, and make countless lists. The hiring department works day in and day out to shortlist the candidates. Hiring managers have their patience stretched beyond capacity. Input of 100% or more, output nil. Phew! This is a tough state of affairs.

Small and medium businesses have an ongoing hiring and recruiting process. If the above is a regular scenario, you can imagine how much time, energy, and efficiency is wasted in hiring a new employee. What is the guarantee that the employee will stay for long or is even worth the whole hunting effort? Often the whole process starts from stage one because the new recruit turns out to be a bad fit. The company has made a sizable investment in hiring and training, the client is dissatisfied, productivity suffers, work quality is compromised, and a lack of efficiency seeps in once an unsuitable candidate is hired. An enormous volume of work is lost. Definitely not a good situation.

Small Business Applicant Tracking System

Are There Any Solutions?

The need of the hour is to streamline the hiring process. Welcome with arms wide open the most efficient hiring process – an Application Tracking System or Application Tracking Software. ATS is software that handles and manages the process of hiring and recruiting employees. ATS improves overall hiring quality by screening the applications, decreasing administrative and personnel costs, making postings on job websites and company job boards, processing the resumes, generating interview requests, and framing questions for the interview. Isn’t the process of hiring sounding like a mere cakewalk now?

Small businesses need ATS even more than big businesses. You will want to save time, money, and energy and keep productivity intact rather than being jumbled in hiring dilemmas. Here are nine signs to explain why your company needs a small business applicant tracking system and why it is time to switch to this smart technology:

  1. You Want to Hire Faster

The traditional process of recruiting has always been time-consuming. A slower recruiting pipeline means work hours are lost and this hampers the quality and efficacy of work. Work may even slow down because of pitfalls like lost e-mails, miscommunication between recruiters and interviewers, delayed communication between the candidate and company, missing data, etc. Each scenario can aggravate, frustrate, and lead to work loss.

ATS helps to hire faster and speeds up the process. The ATS can be connected to the hiring team and they can synchronize and speed up the process of hiring smoothly. The process of sorting resumes, filtering the applications, and selecting the candidates for an interview can easily be done efficiently by the small business applicant tracking system and no time is lost.

Even the data is collected and saved in a manner that it can be referred to for future hiring requirements instantly. Basically, the hiring process is automated.

2. You Want to Organize and Track Candidate Base Data Efficiently

Each time you sort and shortlist employees manually, the HR department has challenges keeping track of the employee database. As a company, the process of firing and hiring is a continuous cycle. You need to keep the data intact so that you can refer back to your base for candidates that fit a particular job profile.

This problem is handled very efficiently by the small business applicant tracking system. The software makes sure that the data is securely kept under proper headers so that information can be easily retrieved and HR doesn’t have to juggle between multitude data of e-mails, posts, or files.

The data is synchronized and kept in sync with e-mail, calendar, and other apps. Wouldn’t it be time-saving to just find the appropriate candidate within minutes of a new job opening?

3. You Want to Build a Great Rapport

Building a good rapport with the employees you hire and with the candidates you are denying is important. A well-managed hiring process endeavors to create a positive candidate experience so that future hiring is easier. The candidate may have come from a referral or social site. Creating a positive environment leaves the candidate with a pleasant feel even if they don’t get an offer. This encourages an increased application flow eventually.

ATS makes sure that the candidates are informed and replied to in a timely manner. It is an established fact that employees do not apply or withdraw if not communicated decently on time. Through ATS each step of hiring is done systematically and communication to all channels is done in a timely manner. Automated e-mails reply to the anxiously waiting candidates and keeps the links flowing. Whether the applicant is rejected or is eligible for an interview they are happy to get a response.

4. The Company Wants to Make the Interview Process Smooth

The interview is a crucial step in the process of hiring. The face-to-face interaction with the candidate gives the recruiter an overall view of the personality and ideology of the candidate. For a smooth and unbiased interview, the questions should be prepared beforehand and the selection criteria should be well-established.

A small business applicant tracking system centralizes each step of the interview phase. The dates of scheduling interviews, the criteria of rating, the set of questions to be asked, and the feedback of each interviewer are all synchronized so that there is no ambiguity in selecting the candidate.

The hiring team chooses evaluation criteria specific to the job and the structure for feedback and rating is well informed to all.

5. Enhance Job Visibility on Job Portals

The best feature of ATS is to align the company job page to multiple job boards and sites. A job opening can posted at the same time across all boards. This enhances the job profile and company job sites by linking it to platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and other relevant social media channels.

Traditionally posting a job across various portals was time-consuming and used to drain constructive energies. There were various deterrents in the process.

The small business applicant tracking system manages to post across all job portals at once. If the advertisement has to be repeated, the software is adept at doing it.

6. You Prefer In-House Hiring

If you seek the help of hiring agencies, the results might not be satisfying as the qualities and job skills needed might have discrepancies. Outsourcing the hiring task might not be reliable and feasible in the long run. The in-house hiring team understands the work culture and the company goals better than the hiring agency. When the business is scaling its volume the recruiting happens best when done in-house so that the skills and job profile can be better coordinated.

ATS removes all the hiring bottlenecks and eases the process of recruiting, selecting, and compiling interview lists. The time consuming traditional steps of hiring are truncated by the automated hiring processes and recruiting in-house helps with building the best team.

7. Hire the Best People On-board

Hiring the wrong candidate can cost the company a lot in terms of hiring costs, training costs, and retention costs. If you have to seek a new employee the vicious cycle of hiring starts again.

Hiring the best people the first time is the solution and a small business applicant tracking system helps in exactly doing this. ATS helps sort and parse candidate information so that the right employee with the best-suited skills can be hired. ATS also stands out in communicating effectively and creating an engaging hiring process so that the best talent is selected.

8. Your Career Page has Started Looking Redundant

The first impression of the company to a prospective candidate is the career page and the ‘old’ style of the page shoos away the best talent. The career page is the first impression, the initial point of contact between the employer and the candidate.

If the career page looks obsolete and redundant chances are the way the candidates have to apply is also obsolete. ATS offers a smart solution by giving the page a branded appeal and aligning it with various online job portals.

9. The Inefficiency of Hiring Managers Is Bothering You

You have figured out that the hiring managers are not so proactively involved in the process of hiring the best people. The success of the recruiting process traditionally was contingent on the efficiency of the hiring manager. ATS helps build transparency, automates the process, and makes the whole hiring scenario smoother.

Wrap Up

The choice of the number of apps, the costs of each app, and the requirement of the number of apps are all important factors that will help you choose the right ATS software. Recruiteze is by far the most flexible and effective recruiting software with a small business applicant tracking system and requisition management embedded in it. The features and the results of the hiring process have been commendable with Recruiteze. Enroll for a free trial to see how you can streamline your hiring process with Recruiteze ATS.

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