Candidate Management System: How to Associate a Candidate To a Job

This knowledge base article is for Recruiteze: Candidate Management System.

This article details how to add a candidate to a job requisition. This works the same from both the candidate list view or applications view.

You can add a candidate to a job from the candidate detail view. Image below shows how to navigate to the candidate detail from the applications view, it is very similar from the candidate list.

Candidate Management System: Applications View
Recruiteze: Applications View

Clicking on the candidate name link, will take you to the candidate detail view like shown below:

Candidate Management System: Candidate Detail View
Recruiteze: Candidate Detail View

Once on the detail view, you will see the “Apply to another Job” button as shown in the image above. Clicking on it, will show a popup like below:

candidate management system - candidate workflow feature
Recruiteze candidate management system – add candidate to job

Enter the first few letters of the job title, you would like to add the candidate to. It will show a list of jobs to pick. Once the job is selected, click “Add candidate to job” to add the candidate to the job. Once the candidate is added to job, the job association will show in the job list like below.

Recruiteze: Candidate Jobs
Recruiteze: Candidate Jobs

NOTE: The job list in the add candidate to job popup, will only show jobs that the candidate is not associated with.

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