How to Engage Top Passive Job Candidates

small business applicant tracking systemIt might seem like hiring applicants that are actively seeking a new career is the best choice. They’re ready and willing to work, right? Of course, these candidates seem like an attractive choice, but what about those that are less assertive? It might seem like more work now, but seeking out passive candidates will pay off in the long run.

Passive candidates are more willing to listen. They’re also more selective when choosing where to work. They’ll analyze everything before accepting a position. While this might come across as being a bit overboard, the companies these candidates choose are receiving a real asset that will likely stay with them for years to come.

According to the Department of Labor, “Finding these potential hires requires recruiters to be more active in their pursuit, but it’s definitely worth the effort – passive candidates comprise 84% of the potential workforce.”

So, how do you actively seek out passive applications without frightening them away or seeming too pushy? Below, you’ll find several tips that will help you hire top passive candidates without any issues. If you’re looking for the top small business applicant tracking system to reduce hiring efforts continue reading to see how Recruiteze can help you for free!

Tips for Engaging in Passive Candidates

Use a Small Business Applicant Tracking System

Incorporating a small business Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to help you recruit will be beneficial all around; especially when hiring top passive employees. There’s a great many passive applicants that will apply online, rather than in person. They’ll also be more likely to fill out an online application versus sending in a resume via email. Take advantage of this system. Search back within your database a few years and cross reference older applicants with what they’re doing now on social media. Many companies choose to ignore their ATS when it can be a great way to find the best candidates, passive or not. Don’t make this mistake. Be sure to take full advantage of yours and all the benefits it has to offer.

Job Postings

While your career descriptions might be spot-on for the average candidate, that’s probably not the case for passive ones. It’s important to take time to evaluate your postings to ensure they’re catering to the needs of passive candidates. Instead of listing must-have requirements or experience, tell a story with your description. Let the passive job seeker know what they’ll gain from working for your company.

Are you ready to seek out top passive applicants now? If not, we hope you will visit back with us soon for more information regarding passive candidates and how to effectively recruit them!

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