Challenges Facing Healthcare Recruitment

Free Online Recruiting SoftwareHealthcare recruiting is proving to be one of the most challenging industries to date for various reasons. Whether it be constant advancements in technology, retiring employees or retention issues, the fact remains that finding top talent in this industry isn’t always easy.

Below, you’ll find several of the most challenging issues recruiters face when seeking out new employees for healthcare openings. Did you know that reducing hiring challenges is as easy as using our free online recruiting software? Start using Recruiteze today and work smarter, easier, and faster!

Healthcare Recruiting Challenges

High Competition

The economy seems to be getting better every day. However, many are still without work. Some companies can’t afford new employees and they are worried about hiring too many, in case there is another recession. While there’s no labor shortage, many recruiters are reporting that they’re having trouble finding top talent in their industry. Healthcare is one of those sectors. The shortage of candidates is the biggest challenge in Healthcare IT.

In 2014 a survey done by the Health Information Management and Systems Society suggested that technology is moving more rapidly than people can keep up with, especially in the healthcare industry. Things like Electronic Health Records (EHR) are causing this problem. Those that graduate with an IT degree aren’t usually qualified to work in healthcare because of the ever-changing technology. They’re not able to teach the latest advances because they are constant changing.

Because of this challenge, there aren’t many potential candidates. This means the competition between recruiters is very high.

Retiring Baby Boomers

Believe it or not, the healthcare industry is made up of 2.5 million baby boomers! That means that as this generation starts to retire, there will be a devastating blow to this sector. The domination of Gen X is causing concern in terms of how volatile the sector will become when the baby boomers begin to retire in masses. The stability of healthcare lies within these workers. We can’t expect them to hang around and work forever, but when the time comes – and it’s already starting to happen – the future of healthcare in terms of recruiting will be forever changed.

Shortages of nurses and physicians in this field will be the biggest impact. This generation makes up 28 percent of the population. As they retire, they’ll no longer work within healthcare but also need to rely on healthcare. This alone will cause a surge in the need for more services.

The goal at this point for many recruiters is to persuade current baby boomers to stay on the job as long as possible before retiring. As it stands, one in ten Gen X workers say they’ll never retire. Let’s hope for now that it’s true. The more that continue working, the better off the industry will be for now.


David L. Longworth, M.D., chair of the Medicine Institute at Cleveland Clinic, part of the nonprofit multispecialty academic medical center specializing in studies that approach improving patient-centered care. “Healthcare reform is forcing hospitals to reconsider how to deliver value-based care. It also causes hospitals to consider new roles like care coordinators and clinical pharmacists who can focus on management of medically complex patients.”

The Affordable Care Act that went into effect in 2014 left hospitals, providers and healthcare systems with problems retaining current employees. More than 30 million Americans were newly insured. This left a need to increase retention. Why? Employees need a valid reason for staying on. Creating a place that not only removes barriers but also promotes long term satisfaction is key.

Increased Need for Healthcare

Free Online Recruiting SoftwareAs we mentioned above, baby boomers are beginning to retire. That means they’re also at an age when health problems come into play. The need for healthcare is going to increase tenfold in the next 10 years. That means these unique issues will not only affect the industry but also recruiters of this sector. There will be a need for not only replacing those that retire but also adding more employees to make up for the increased need for services.

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