Tips for Volunteer Firefighter and EMS Recruitment in 2019

Seeking out volunteer firefighters and EMS can be challenging. You may come across new volunteers who aren’t familiar with firefighting or rescue. You may also find that the majority of seasoned volunteers have been dedicated to a particular department for some time. It may seem that there isn’t any room for traditional recruiting in this field. However, there are a few tips we can share with you that should help minimize the challenges of recruiting EMS and firefighters. Our free online applicant tracking system can help any industry’s recruiting needs. Start your free trial today.

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Social media is one of the number one places to recruit no matter what field you’re hoping to hire for. It’s a great way to target many people from various locations. It’s also a great way to get the word out locally. The networking benefits of social media are multi-fold. It’s easy to use, gives others a way to share your posts or job ads, and it can be seen in various areas in and around the community in which you’re searching. Using Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn can help you reach those new to the world of volunteering in the fire and rescue field as well as seasoned volunteers who might be ready for a change in departments.

Your website is a great place to start when it comes to recruiting for volunteer firefighters and EMS. Of course, social media is important for recruiting but so is a website. Work towards making your site as user friendly and appealing as possible. It might take a little effort and hard work, but it will be worth it. An appealing web presence is a great thing to have. Your website is also a perfect place to house information about company culture. Answer the following questions through content that can be found on your site:

  • What is it like volunteering at this department on a typical shift?
  • Are there benefits to volunteering?
  • How do your current volunteers feel about lending their time to this department? What do they love most about it?

Having these questions and answers posted on your website in some form or another will be a great way to give volunteers a look into what it’s like to work with the department.

Take time to evaluate your policies and procedures. With volunteering comes the need to work an additional job. Some individuals can’t commit to full shifts or evening on-calls during the week. Their day job might keep them from being able to adhere to your policies and procedures. If this is the case, you may be losing a lot of great talent. Question your current employees and give potential candidates a chance to tell you what works well for them. Then, evaluate your current demands for volunteers. You may find that you can gain two or three volunteers if half-shifts or weekend only on-calls are available to those that require it.

If you’re ready to learn more about how to seek out volunteers for your firefighting squad or EMS team head over to our next blog post.

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