Hiring Across Borders? Consider an Online ATS for a Uniform Workflow

With growing globalization and a tight labor market, the candidates across borders now have more diverse choices. The recruiters are redefining their recruiting strategy from local to global markets. An online ATS is the key player that adds the brand value and competitive edge to the organization. 

An online ATS helps to attract the best of global talent beyond international boundaries. Having an online ATS is not a luxury anymore. The software has been around for a while and has become an indispensable part of almost every organization.

The online ATS has strongly impacted the bottom line of every company. It has significantly reduced the time, money and effort of the organization by completely digitizing the resource hiring process.

Looking for top global talent to be a part of your organization? Here are a few ways by which an online applicant tracking system will help you win the global talent battle.

1.     Instant Boost to your Recruitment Marketing Efforts

Tapping nonpareil global talent is an exigent task that requires exceptional marketing and candidate engagement. A small company ATS helps to level up with the increased competition. This HR utility tool gives a quantum jump to the recruiting procedures.

All social media recruitment activities are accelerated to find a perfect match for the organization. Talent acquisition software helps the recruiters to cast a wider net in the global market. Furthermore, it strikes an astonishing balance between local requirements and global sourcing.

2.     Improves Candidates and Experience

A recruiter needs to be flexible and fast when maneuvering a global recruitment drive. An online ATS empowers the recruiters to work in any time zone and connect remotely as well. When scouting for global talent, the recruiters can bond with applicants from any social network and mobile devices irrespective of the time zone.

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By integrating with major job boards and social media channels, the online ATS allows the candidates to apply on the go. Just a click, the application is received by the ATS and instantly converted into profiles. The automatic notification feature of ATS triggers real-time acknowledgment emails to the applicants.

Now, the recruiters can reach any part of the globe which was not possible earlier with traditional recruiting tactics. Candidate experience witnesses a significant boost with this latest conventional technology.

3.     Helps to Become Employer of Choice

Integrating the ATS within the HR suite helps the brand to grow and amp up its visibility as well. A great band helps in attracting the right quality of talent including passive ones. This helps to gain a competitive edge over the competitors in the market.

The employers can incorporate the online ATS within their HR suite and career page. They can eventually control all the social media channels and job boards from one single interface i.e. ATS. This multitasking allows the brand to emerge as a global leader and become a “brand of choice” amongst the talent.

An online ATS also offers customizable job description templates and helps in the automation of job posts. The perfectly curated job description can be floated across all channels with just a single click from the user-friendly interface of talent acquisition software.

All the resumes received are automatically stored in the central candidate database and can be fetched by triggering a suitable query.  

4.     Leverage the Power of Predictive Analytics

The brands cannot afford to fall behind their competitors at any cost. An online applicant tracking system offers accurate predictive analytics and insights into the on-going recruiting endeavors. Now the recruiters can take appropriate action or redefine their strategies based on the analytics.

This ultimately results in better and quality hiring. Proactive and regular re-evaluation of the recruitment metrics would help brands hire top global talent exactly as per the requirements. 

Why recruiting metrics are important?

5.     Real-time Team Collaboration

If the organization is hiring for multiple global locations, then the head-office needs to stay connected every time with every location. The recruiting team may be hiring in different locations and may require the opinion of other team-mates as well. By offering real-time collaborative hiring, an online ATS brings accountability and transparency to the entire process.

Helping the recruiters with instant reminders and real-time notifications, the recruiting can be completed on-time. Talent acquisition software helps to ensure uniform and seamless workflow. As the database can be assessed by multiple users, the Hiring Manager can share opinions and feedback on the ongoing process.

In a nutshell, an online ATS helps the head-office to stay on the same page irrespective of the teams working in different time zones.

6.     Schedule Interviews for Different Time Zones with an Online ATS

The biggest challenge while recruiting cross-border is the time zone, cultural differences and other legal requirements. Reaching out to global talent is way difficult than expected. But, an online ATS helps to keep the confusion and mishaps at bay with automated reminders.

It helps the recruiters to stay productive and organized by offering real-time calendar for interview scheduling in various time-zones. It becomes essential to mobilize the global talent otherwise managing the resources would be very difficult in the organization’s expansion and scaling prospects.

An online ATS helps to maximize the day-light savings and helps the organization to stay on the top of the game.

7.     Unbiased Hiring with an Online ATS

An ATS helps the recruiters to hire global talent purely based on skills, talent and experience. It leaves no scope for unmindful bias to defeat the real objective behind recruiting. Now the recruiters can perform unbiased hiring in different locations without considering the unimportant factors.

Factors such as culture, ethnicity, color or gender may influence the decision of the recruiter if hiring manually. Talent acquisition has the capability to hide the personal details of the candidate. Thus, enabling the recruiter to focus only on the right and desired qualities of the candidate.

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No matter whether it’s a giant organization or an SMB, Recruiteze has the best plans for all sized organizations. From building a talent pool to sending email responses, Recruiteze does it all. With a 24/7 email support system, Recruiteze promises to never let you down.

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