Hiring Manager Relationship Woes a Resume Formatting Tool Solves

If you are a recruiter who finds dealing with hiring managers frustrating for one reason or another, a resume formatting tool could make your life much easier. Read on to learn several important, and ridiculously simple, ways this software can solve the otherwise seemingly unreachable goal of having a rewarding relationship with a hiring manager.

Hiring Manager Relationship Woes a Resume Formatting Tool Solves

The Problems with Dealing with a Hiring Manager

First, let’s discuss common problems recruiters and hiring managers can have dealing with hiring managers.

They may call a candidate on purpose to go around you

Some hiring managers decide to play dirty for one reason or another and usurp your role in the hiring chain by contacting a candidate you were supposed to contact. This can confuse the candidate, give them a bad impression of your company, ruin your organizational flow, and much more.

They may accidentally call a candidate

Sometimes a hiring manager didn’t realize they weren’t supposed to call a candidate. You may not feel the need to get as angry at this hiring manager, but the results are little improved. Your organizational flow is still shot and the candidate is still confused and thinking your company is unprofessional. The only real difference is you aren’t having to deal with a deliberately underhanded hiring manager and the big problems that can entail.

They may put talking to you on the back burner

Whether the decision is intentional or the hiring manager is just swamped, you may find that you need feedback you aren’t getting because they simply aren’t communicating with you. How can you effectively do your job if the person responsible for the next step in the chain has an attitude or is wayward chasing elusive productivity targets?

The hiring team suffers from unconscious bias

In case you don’t know, unconscious bias occurs when a person makes judgments about a candidate based on criteria like their race, education, and gender without realizing they’re doing it. Little clues like the name, photo, address, and school can tip a hiring manager off and cause them to judge the candidate unfairly.

If unconscious bias is not proactively addressed, some or all of the members of the hiring team are probably doing it and bringing down the quality of hires and the company’s ability to reach diversity targets. It is bad for the candidate and bad for the company to prioritize or dismiss candidates on bias.

The hiring manager is frustrated and getting burnt out

The hiring manager likely chose this job because they felt they would to some degree like it, they may even have been passionate about it. They may have had dreams of nurturing employees in a supportive company culture and having a great sense of reward. That doesn’t mean that the reality of reading mountains of resumes while struggling to meet time-to-fill goals can’t sap the passion right out of somebody. Suddenly they find themselves putting people off and skimming resumes because their brain just can’t read any more. You know the feeling. The more excited they were, the more depressed they’re likely to be with this realization.

They may be putting you off or they may make hiring choices and demands you don’t agree with because they’re in a terrible mood or under pressure. Either way, your relationship with them is going to be less than effective.

What a Resume Formatting Tool Does

Before discussing how a resume formatting tool can solve these problems, it’s probably best to explain what a resume formatting tool does.

Very simply, they take one or a batch of resumes and format them to your specifications in a matter of seconds. They can rearrange dates, names, blocks of text, change fonts, and more.

All you have to do is pick or create a template. You may not even have to manually upload the resumes. Some resume formatting tools can be connected to the applicant tracking system or careers page and automatically format all resumes.

A Resume Formatting Tool Offers These Solutions to Dealing with a Hiring Manager

Make It Impossible

The answer to both of the reasons mentioned above that a hiring manager may contact a candidate you were supposed to contact can be addressed by the same means. A resume formatting tool features a function to automatically remove contact information. Poof! Gone! A manager can’t deliberately or accidentally contact someone if they don’t have the means to do so. They can tell you which candidates they like and you still have the contact information to reach the candidate with.

Make It as Easy as Possible

Unfortunately, nothing can make a hiring manager reach out to you more often, but you can encourage them to do so by making it as easy as you possibly can, and by reminding them. With a resume formatting tool, you can add a header or footer with all your contact details so they don’t have look for your phone number or email address. It also gives them a nudge to get in touch with you every time they see the resume.

Just the Facts

If you want someone to focus only on the relevant and fair criteria for a candidate, the quickest and most effective way to make that happen is to employ the blind hiring technique. They can’t make a judgment about something they don’t know.

You may wonder how hard it would be to create this blind hiring scenario, but a resume formatting tool makes it really simple.

In seconds, a resume formatting tool can remove:

  • names
  • addresses
  • names of schools
  • photos
  • and more

There are seemingly innocent bits of information that can trigger people to make incorrect assumptions about a candidate. They might assume that the candidate isn’t as fit for the job as a man or they aren’t as intelligent as someone else because they went to a less renowned school. There may not even be a conscious thought about it, their eyes skim the resume, note certain things, and cast aside or prioritize resumes without realizing why.

Because people don’t realize they’re doing it, it’s extremely difficult to get them to stop. You can use a resume formatting tool to make a blind hiring initiative a snap.

Ease Their Burden

As you know, hiring is hard. It’s requires a lot of thought and planning, amid mind-numbing repetition and the ever looming need to do your job faster.

A resume formatting tool can make reading resumes a lot less time consuming and mind numbing, so the hiring manager has more time and clarity to actually make a great hire and feel good about what they do again. A freer, happier hiring manager will be much easier to deal with. And if you’re freer and fresher because of the time you save with a resume formatting tool, you’ll be in a better mood to deal with them.

You see, the main purpose of resume formatting is to streamline resumes for the easiest and most efficient reading. It can be really tiring for the brain to tear through dozens of resumes that all look different, with different fonts, font sizes, layouts, date sequences, name sequences, and so forth. A resume formatting tool can make all resumes fit one scheme, and that is so much easier to read and review.

You’ll both feel less rushed, able to tackle problems with a clearer head, freer to give candidates the thoughtful consideration the candidate and company need, and better able to deal with each other.


It’s not surprising when relationships with hiring managers are often not our favorite things about our jobs. You may have differences of opinion, and both of you are probably already at the end of your rope, so trying to work together feels like it’s just taking you from what you’re already struggling to do. A resume formatting tool can make life much easier for both of you and smooth out many relationship hurdles. If you’ve ever been frustrated because a hiring manager called a candidate you were supposed to call, used bias to hire candidates, didn’t communicate with you enough, or they’re just at their wit’s end, a resume formatting tool is definitely for you. Headers and footers with your contact information give a bit of nudge to reach out to you, removing the candidates’ contact information makes it impossible for them call the candidate without you, removing strategic bits of information on the candidate prevents bias, and the time saved by reading formatted resumes makes both of your lives much easier so you’re both freer and more willing to do a job right.

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