How to Choose the Best Staffing Software for Your Business? [A Detailed Guide]

How to Choose the Best Staffing Software for Your Business

Is there anything such as the best staffing software?

No, but there’s something even better: a staffing agency software that’s the best for your specific needs!

As it’s challenging to pick the absolute best on the oversaturated market, we’ll help you choose the one that resonates with you and has the potential to elevate your business. This article will delve into everything a staffing agency software needs to have.

You’ll learn about selection criteria, red flags, and specifics to pay attention to — and be able to decide on your own by the end of the reading.

What Should You Expect From Staffing Agency Software?

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First, let’s explain what staffing agency software does and what to expect from one.

Staffing agency software is an HR tool employers use to manage the hiring process: to look up, shortlist, and pick the best candidates for the role.

Typical staffing agency software features include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Resume parsing;
  • Job posting;
  • Candidate management and relationship-building;
  • Recruitment-related analytics and reporting;
  • Social media recruiting.

People use staffing agency software to automate workflow, organize candidate data, and put it to good use. The best staffing software has an advanced AI, keeps applicant data secure, provides equal opportunities when hiring new employees, and provides users with light and intuitive work platforms.

Staffing agency software prices depend on the number of tools they have, their complexity, and the scope of the plan users select. The most cost-effective solution is custom-made for your business needs.

In a nutshell: staffing software helps recruiters automate and manage the employment processes and keep in touch with clients. A new solution should simplify hiring, not mystify and complicate it.

Now that you know the basics let’s see how to make a pick. 📌

Consider Your Needs First!

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In business, as in personal life, you need to get acquainted with yourself first.

Start from specific needs and issues you have and want to solve with a new staffing software. Do you have more positions to fill as your company grows and need to automate the hiring process? Are you unhappy with your current tech stack, and what about it makes you tick? What slows you down?

The answers will guide you through the selection. When learning about the current staffing agency options, you’ll know exactly what to look for and avoid costly, bulky plans with features you won’t use.

What Do They Do And Excell At?

Go past the tired, generic website copy and investigate the concrete services they provide.

The “Features” section on their website is a good place to start, but it’s one-sided, so keep researching. Proceed to read lengthier reviews by other people, especially sections where users describe what they do with the software. That’s where you’ll find objective opinions and best descriptions of use-cases.

Don’t miss comparison articles — they will put things into perspective and show how they compare to similar software.

After all, you can always schedule a demo or use a free trial and get a first-hand experience with the software you’re inclined to use. The only issue is that you’ll have to sacrifice some time and effort to tinker with a new platform.

Who Are Their Clients?

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Companies love to flaunt big names on their websites; use it to your advantage and learn who they’re working with.

Don’t be afraid if you only see enterprises listed. No company lists every client they’ve worked with, and the chances are they have something to offer to you as well. In fact, the best staffing software in class effortlessly adjusts to clients of all sizes.

Are Their Plans Scalable?

A staffing agency software should be able to grow along with you. If it’s unable to adapt to shifts in your company, the software you’ve chosen will become another issue.

Whether it can’t meet the increased demand or shrink to fit a less ambitious business model — you don’t need it.

Here’s how to investigate the scalability of the software before you commit to it:

  1. Investigate the plan switching options — If it’s too complex to switch plans when you feel like it, scaling the scope of their service is probably as tricky.
  2. Contact and ask them directly — Consultations might cost you some time, but there’s no better way to learn. Prepare detailed questions and ask how they adjust to their clients’ growth and market shifts.

Ratings, Reviews, And Testimonials: What Do Others Say?

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Learning from your own mistakes imprints the knowledge for good. But, learning from other people’s mistakes is easier and cheaper. 💁

Reviews are the best way to learn about different companies without too much work and involvement. Sort them “from high to low,” and only consider software with high star ratings. After that, you may investigate reviews: what they’re loved for, what people dislike about them, and how they compare to other, similar solutions.

Here are some sites which provide detailed ratings, reviews, and comparisons of different products, including staffing agency software:

After you’ve browsed through these reviews, you probably have a couple of options written down.

To narrow your choice down even further, head to YouTube to learn more. Additionally, YouTube videos will show you how the software works, so you can instantly decide if the interface is too complicated.

Companies have testimonials spread across their websites. Naturally, they only contain positive sides, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook them! The software you’re considering might have worked with similar companies before and handled identical tasks. A testimonial might reveal that and direct you towards the best staffing software that matches your needs.

Case Studies: How They’ve Helped Their Users?

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Case studies are a great way to learn about how they think and solve problems for their clients. When a company provides a look into a real-life situation and its response to it, it introduces itself without fuss and big words.

You can always head over to these companies and verify if the case studies are genuine.

Is It Easy To Integrate/Switch To Their Software?

This one is important, so listen up!

You should integrate the staffing software with your existing tech stack, social media, CRM, email, and other platforms you don’t want to swap. No matter how the onboarding team goes about it, everything should flow smoothly after the integration is complete (with existing APIs or custom solutions).

Handling an ill-fitting tool is a nightmare for everyone involved, with plenty of potential slip-ups waiting to happen.

Cancellation Policies

Companies that demand you sign at least a year-long contract usually don’t have a money-back policy if it turns out their product doesn’t do it for you. Then you’re stuck with them and have no choice but to waste resources on a tool you don’t like or even use!

If it’s easier to find two matching black socks than to escape the contract, you might want to reconsider.

On the other hand, having a no-questions-asked cancellation policy is a great sign. You can terminate the contract whenever you want — and some companies don’t even require you to sign any contracts!

However, pay attention to what happens to private and classified data after you cancel. GDPR-compliant companies pose no threat to sensitive data.

The Hateful Eight: Red Flags To Watch Out For 🚩

These are the warning signs of ill-fitting software solutions:

  1. The lack of long-term customers — Take a look at how long their relationships last. If most of their clients ditch them after a year or less, something is probably off;
  2. Negative reviews — Haters and unethical competition are easy to spot: their reviews don’t describe what they’re unhappy with, and they leave rude remarks without explanation. On the other hand, if you see plenty of legit users describe the same issues, and the company doesn’t seem to be working on fixing it, move on to another option;
  3. Impolite responses to complaints — Accidents happen even with the top-tier software: it’s important how their team responds to it. If you notice customer support arguing with customers instead of fixing the problem, it’s probably best to choose something else;
  4. No (or too slow) response to your messages — The chances are they won’t have time for you even if you decide to use their software;
  5. Lack of transparency — If it feels shady, it probably is;
  6. No custom solutions — By purchasing a software plan that does more than you need, you’re wasting money; buy too small, and you’ll have one issue after another. The only way to get everything you’ve paid for and use it to the fullest is to request a custom solution for your business; if they can’t provide it, keep looking;
  7. Long-term contracts only — Locking people into year-long contracts without an option to terminate them without losing money? That’s a big no-no!
  8. No trials — The best way to know whether something suits you is to try it out. When software has no testing options, buying into it is a gamble.

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