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I am one of the founders of this young and small startup company. We are a small energetic team here, very focused and driven to provide value to our customers. We take immense pride in our products and will do everything we can to deliver quality.

Around the time we started working on the product, we also came up with the goals for the company. These are the 3 goals for the company – Product, Design and Service. These are not random goals, but are due to our experience using the various SAAS products in our everyday lives over a period of time. We have used some excellent products, which have had very poor customer service. We have used great products with poor design. We are also aware of products which do not have any of those qualities, but still available in the market. Each of these goals are carefully thought out, and for us to succeed, we feel we should deliver on all the 3 goals consistently.

We are well aware that the Reformatting Service, though unique, is only a small part of the larger recruitment process. We have taken up this one aspect and perfected it for now, but our goal is to take up more of these mundane manual tasks and automate them for speed, profitability and consistency.

Let me elaborate on each of these goals

1. Product – We would like to build a compelling product which provides value to our customers. We would like to build a product that solves the problems of 90% of the customer base all the time. The idea behind the 90% is, we feel the other 10% are features that only a few organizations with specific custom workflows need. We will never be able to match feature parity, we have seen some extremely complex products in the Recruitment space, with a ton of features. We do not want to compete on features. We would like to implement the features that 90% of the people need in a simplistic manner. We are releasing this simplistic product, which is easy to use to begin with. We would like to evolve through feedback by building a community around us. We will be making rapid releases and you can expect at least one release every 2 weeks, to evolve continuously. We have a long roadmap for this product. To give you an idea of how far we have thought through this, here is our company’s vision statement “Interactive and personalized staffing solution through usage based intelligence”. This vision statement has to be distilled to make it more simple, but we have thought through a lot on how we would like to evolve. As you can see from the vision, it is about building more smartness to the recruitment process. We would like to use some of the Natural Language Processing and Machine Language Learning capabilities to build a smart staffing solution.

2. Design – We think Design is a very important aspect of a product these days. We are aware that people like usable products which are simple, we are also aware that design is an afterthought in a lot of Business applications. We will ensure that we provide simple interfaces which are self explanatory. We are still building help videos, since we would like to build a Self Service SAAS application, the reason being if we have to provide value, we also have to keep the costs in check.

3. Service – I touched on help videos in the previous section. Since we are a small team at this point, we would like to provide as much self service capabilities as possible now. But as we evolve, we would like to provide immediate customer service 24 * 7, because we feel access to a Tech support person should be as simple as a chat with a co-worker. We feel good customer service should not only be during signup, but there should be the same service even during a breakup. That is why we have a no-hassle Downgrade policy. All you have to do is go to the Billing page and click on Downgrade. No questions asked, we will downgrade. Also we will provide a backup of all your data in csv and zip files. This is based on the personal experience of the founders, where we have seen the pain to break up from some services.

This is my honest write up to let you know that we value the trust you place in us by signing up and using this product. We will make every effort to win your hearts through our company goals of Product, Design and Service.

As I have mentioned earlier, we would like to evolve through feedback, so please feel free to provide your valuable suggestions, feedback and questions to support (at)

Your’s Sincerely,

Murali Tak










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