iReformat: Release Notes -07-19-2015

Today we released a new version of iReformat: Automated Resume Formatting service.

This is a major release for the formatting service. We have addressed a very important feature to trim candidate information from tables. Our users have complained, it is a time consuming process to trim candidate information from Tables.

Here are the features for this release

1. Trim candidate information from tables
2. Trim pictures from tables
3. Remove background colors in resumes
4. Remove highlight colors in the resume
5. Fix an issue with the Header Designer in the Resume Template Designer. ( The “X” to remove the items from the grid was off, which is fixed now)
6. Remove blank pages at the end of the resume

Thanks to our users for the continued feedback. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this release, send an email to support at ireformat dot com.

Happy Formatting!

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