Don’t Make These Mistakes When Hiring Remote Workers

Free Online Applicant Tracking SystemHiring remote workers for your business can be very beneficial. In addition to saving money on the overall hiring process, it can also save businesses when it comes to offering benefits, as well. Even more, there is some highly trained top talent out there who would prefer to work from home.

In our last blog post we talked about how to hire top talent for remote work. While the tips make things easier, there are mistakes that can be made during this process.

Below you will find out about these errors. Hopefully, this will help you avoid them when it comes to hiring your own remote workers. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line and free online applicant tracking system, then look no further than Recruiteze. Our ATS is the only recruiting software your business will ever need. Start using Recruiteze today!

Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Remote Workers

Last post we mentioned that starting the interviewing process with a phone conversation is a great way to get to know the candidate. However, that should not be the only interview that takes place. Phone interviews are great for making sure the candidate is qualified and able to do the job but it should not replace personable interviewing. We understand that you might have to use video chat in place of face-to-face interviewing, but that is fine, as long as there is some sort of person to person interviewing taking place.

Don’t make the mistake of not asking the right questions during a phone conversation and in the final interview. Those who work from home must possess a skill set that is very different from someone who works in an office with coworkers. Being self-motivated and dedicated is essential. Ask about specific projects that they’ve completed during their time working remotely. If they’ve never worked remotely before, you can also use this question to see how they work alone or with others. Be sure to ask about their organizational skills, as well. This is key in making sure they stay motivated while working at home. Interview candidates who will be working from home should be asked questions that are different from typical interviewing questions.

Also, make sure you test their skills, even if you just email them a skills test. Sometimes, we assume that working from home won’t be as difficult as coming into an office every day. However, that is not the case. Often, working from home is a bit more challenging because there is more work involved.

Small Business Applicant Tracking SystemSometimes, candidates have an impressive resume that makes you think they’ll be too expensive to hire. However, if you only judge their candidacy based on a resume you might be missing out. Even if you think they’re overqualified take the next steps and have a phone conversation with them. You might find that they’re not as overqualified as you thought. Sometimes, candidates are really good at writing resumes. They may sound better than they are. Always hire based on talking with the applicant, not the resume.

This also comes into play when hiring someone because you feel the need to settle. Don’t accept an applicant because they look OK. Set out to find the best possible person for the job. Set standards and stick with them.

While it might be difficult initially, strive not to hire someone who is not suited to work from home. They might be talented in the office, but if they’re not self-motivated they may not work out. Working effectively from home requires someone who does not need the physical presence of coworkers to keep them motivated and happy. Sometimes, remote workers become depressed because they’re no longer around people. A people person actually needs to have contact and conversations with others in order to remain motivated and dedicated. This is not a weakness, however, it just means they are more suited to work in an office rather than from home.

We hope this information helps you hire the best talent to work from home. Remember, self-motivation and the ability to work well alone is important. Don’t rely only on their resume and always do an assessment test. Good luck finding your top talent!

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