How to Negotiate Staffing Agency Rates

Recruiting SystemTemporary workers work well during times of the year that are busy. Even if you don’t have a set summer or winter busy season, chances are, you’ve got a few months out of each year that temporary help will be beneficial.

Are you thinking of working with a staffing agency to fill a few temporary positions for a seasonal surge in business? If so, we have several tips for you when it comes to negotiating the agency rates.

Negotiating staffing agency rights can be difficult. However, with the following tips, you should be able to ensure a great rate for your company. These tips will ensure that things are fair and beneficial for both you and the staffing agency.

Contact other agencies in the area to see what they charge when it comes to working with companies and recruiting. You can also check with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics within their national occupational employment and wage estimates website. There you’ll find information on a national level.

According to employees should “Present your supporting documentation for review and then ask for the rate you desire. If the recruiter counters with a lower rate that’s higher than the original, consider and accept it, or continue to politely emphasize your value. If he says initially or during negotiation that a rate is the “best he can do” or the best considering “the current economic climate,” emphasize the delays and financial losses that hiring and training someone else for your position might cause and try again.” As you can see, employees are being coached to get the highest salary possible. You need to be prepared as a potential employer to deal with this type of negotiation so that you come out ahead.

Have a one on one meeting with the staffing agency. This face-to-face conversation will be great for asking questions and getting answers. During this meeting, talk about current pay, the offered rate and the position you’re looking to fill. Also be sure to have a conversation about skills and expectations needed for the position that’s available.

Do some research when it comes to staffing agencies, in general. Be sure to also get recommendations and reviews from local companies.

Also according to, “Ask your recruiter for the total rate that they’re paid by the company and then compare the information to other agency rates to determine if the recruitment percentage is too high. If he refuses and you’re already a temp, ask your client company supervisor or accounting department or Human Resources rep for the information. If you can’t get the details, use the wage estimates provided by other agencies as a guideline during your negotiation.” This proves that employees will be comparing the rate they receive versus what you’re paying the recruiter. If you can negotiate a lower rate with the staffing firm your employee will earn more and likely be happier.

Take these tips and apply them the next time you plan to work with a staffing agency. Then, see if things run better and the rates are lower. We hope they help you!

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