Improve Your In-House Recruitment Process

 Applicant Tracking SystemsAre you worried that your in-house recruitment process is lacking? Do you have a high turnover rate for employees? If so, you there are several things you can do to improve your overall hiring process.

During the interview stage, be sure to use the following techniques and tips to help improve the overall recruitment process:


Ask Relevant Questions 

Make sure you stay on-topic during interviews by asking questions that pertain to information needed to make a decision on which candidate to hire. Refrain from asking questions like “What animal would you be in another life?” or “What country would you prefer to live in given different circumstances?” These questions lead to answers that won’t reflect the candidate’s skills, knowledge or experience.

Test Ambition and Skills

Of course, every single candidate you meet with will say they’re excited to work for you and have the skills necessary to do so.  What if they’re not being 100 percent truthful in that? Testing their ability and excitement for working with you is key.

Written tests, role-playing and simulation instances are best for testing. If you’re hiring a PR manager, have them write up a mock-press release. Have a marketing exec write up the perfect marketing plan, complete with key components.

Think outside the box when coming up with ways to test candidates and you’ll find that the best ones will pass with flying colors! Testing job seekers offers a way to weed out those that aren’t dedicated to your company or the position, as well as make sure they’re capable of doing the job.

Include Colleagues in Final Meeting

Once you’ve gone through each individual and chosen the best candidate for the position, it’s important to call them back for one final interview. This meeting should include colleagues that will interact with them most. Doing so will help current employees get a better feel for the upcoming situation, as well as, get to know a little bit about the candidate before their first day. In addition, if there are any issues, personality conflicts or other problems that might be a worry, moving forward, you’ll be able to make adjustments, as needed, before things get too bad and you find yourself going through the overall process of hiring, again.

There are also several things you can do to help improve the recruitment process, in-house, before you even begin searching for new employees. For more information and tips, be sure to visit back with us on our next blog post!

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