10 Ways to Improve Your In-House Recruitment Process


Are you worried that your in-house recruitment process is lacking? Do you have a high turnover rate for employees? If so, there are several things you can do to improve your overall hiring process.

Here are the top 10 ways to improve your in-house recruitment process:

  1. Ask relevant questions
  2. Test ambition and skills
  3. Include colleagues in the final meeting
  4. Branding
  5. Define position and requirements clearly
  6. Use pre-employment assessments
  7. Go hard on social recruitment
  8. Follow business etiquette rules
  9. Check blind hiring
  10. Choose the right recruitment software

But before we start, you have to set attainable and realistic goals. More about that you can read in our guide on how to set recruitment objectives and goals. If you are still considering wether you should opt for a recruitment agency, check these:

Ask Relevant Questions

Make sure you stay on-topic during interviews by asking questions about the information needed to decide which candidate to hire.

Refrain from asking questions like “What animal would you be in another life?” or “What country would you prefer to live in given different circumstances?” These questions lead to answers that won’t reflect the candidate’s skills, knowledge, or experience.

Test Ambition and Skills

Of course, every single candidate you meet with will say they’re excited to work for you and have the skills necessary to do so. What if they’re not being 100 percent truthful in that? Testing their ability and excitement for working with you is key.

Written tests, role-playing, and simulation instances are best for testing. If you’re hiring a PR manager, have them write up a mock-press release. Have a marketing exec write up the perfect marketing plan, complete with key components.

Think outside the box when coming up with ways to test candidates and you’ll find that the best ones will pass with flying colors! Testing job seekers offers a way to weed out those that aren’t dedicated to your company or the position, as well as make sure they’re capable of doing the job.

Make sure to check our guide on Creative Hiring for this. Also, check the pros and cons of personality assessments. Another way to be creative is to also use gamification for recruitment.

Include Colleagues in Final Meeting

Once you’ve gone through each individual and chosen the best candidate for the position, it’s essential to call them back for one final interview.

This meeting should include colleagues that will interact with the most. Doing so will help current employees get a better feel for the upcoming situation and get to know a bit of the candidate before their first day.

In addition, if there are any issues, personality conflicts, or other problems that might be a worry, moving forward, you’ll be able to make adjustments, as needed, before things get too bad and you find yourself going through the overall process of hiring, again.

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Before you even begin searching for applicants or posting a job opening, it’s important to take a look at your brand.

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small. It’s the way customers perceive your company and, essentially, a promise to your customer. They’re able to understand what to expect when choosing your business.

Your brand also makes you different from competitors. Branding tells a story of who you are, what you want to be, and what you’ll do. Creating a good name for your business will automatically draw quality applicants.

Once you have a clear definition of your brand and begin implementing it into your daily tasks, you’ll also want to focus more on employer branding, as well.

This means making a point to reward deserving employees, offer incentives, and make the overall employee experience at your company one that pleases everyone as much as possible.

This, too, will help draw quality candidates.

For more branding information, check our in-depth guide on employer branding, and how to recognize employees in creative ways.

Define Position and Requirements Clearly

Writing a brief job description and posting it online isn’t the best approach for finding the best candidate for your open position.

A quick, thoughtless position and requirement description will lead to applicants that aren’t looking for a specific career. They’ll see the detail-less ad and assume that there aren’t any important requirements.

Take time to focus on writing up a great ad that offers a clear, detailed description of what is expected of the applicant, should they get the job. Include your expectations for experience, skills, behavior, education, and attitudes. You’ll be surprised at how well this approach works.

Enhancing your in-house recruitment process is vital for finding quality candidates that will be an asset to your company, so if you are struggling with writing good job descriptions, make sure to check the guides our recruiting experts have made:

Use Pre-employment Assessments

Sometimes, it is hard to estimate the skills or personality just based on the interview and CV.

Using adequate pre-employment assessments can be quite helpful, but you must be careful when choosing the right one for your use case.

Most tests measure personality and aptitude to tell us how an applicant will fill into the workspace, handle stress, be under pressure, and how skilled they are for a position.

To get more in-depth knowledge about this aspect of improving your in-house recruitment process, make sure to read our Employment Personality Assessments Guide.

Go Hard on Social Recruitment

Want to recruit more Gen Zs or Millennials?

You should start using social media as a standard tool in your recruitment strategies.

Present yourself as a desirable company to work for on social media. Be fun and welcoming. Try to understand who your ideal employee is and what would be necessary to them. Then try to show all those traits through your employer brand on social media.

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  4. Employee referral programs
  5. How to use Instagram for recruiting

Follow Business Etiquette Rules

You might be working in a remote company, and therefore recruiting online.

However, there are still some business etiquette rules that you must follow if you wish to improve your in-house recruitment process:

  1. Paying close attention to candidate names during video interviews
  2. Making Eye Contact during video interviews
  3. Show that You’re Paying Attention
  4. Being professional
  5. Always bein on time
  6. Dressing appropriately
  7. Having clean surroundings
  8. Always following up with the candidates

If you feel like there is room for improvement in this aspect in your company, make sure to check our top 8 business etiquette rules.

Check Blind Hiring

The complete opposite of everything we have discussed.

Try blind hiring. You don’t need to know their names, looks, sex, or age. Just measure their skill and personality. This way, you will avoid many hiring biases that arise through the hiring process.

You can efficiently and effectively do this with a good ATS and resume reformatting software that support blind hiring.

And, to execute it correctly, ensure you check our articles on:

  1. Hiring biases
  2. How to manage blind hiring
  3. Best blind hiring software

Choose the right Recruitment Software

To maximize your recruiting efficiency, applicant tracking systems can help.

To get all the benefits from these amazing systems, combine them with Recruiteze and iReformat! Using our products takes the redundant administrative work out of recruiting.

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