How an ATS helps to Make Better Hiring Decisions?

Recruiting and getting the employees on board is one of the toughest decisions faced by recruiters. The recruiters need to make quick and diligent decisions that impact organizational success in the long run. One wrong hire could turn the odds against the company and would be a sheer loss of resources, money and effort.

These recruitment decisions are very crucial when hiring for a small company where there isn’t any HR department. This post gives a deep insight into how a small company ATS helps to make better hiring decisions.

#1 Eliminating Recruiting Bias

This is how the cookie crumbles.

Most of the recruiting decisions are taken objectively. The recruiters knowingly or unknowingly give preference to a candidate’s gender, age and ethnicity. Many such factors cloud the diligent decisions of the recruiters and force them into taking witless one. Believe it or not, in a perfect world, the deserving candidate rarely cracks the job.

Hiring based on familiarity critically hampers the organization’s growth and turns the hiring decisions detrimental. It all begins with a poorly designed job description. The job description templates available in ATS help you design a bias-free description totally adhering to the latest market trends.

Also, talent acquisition software enables the recruiters to shortlist candidates based on their skills, experience and roles. By hiding personal information of the candidates an ATS does a wonderful job and helps to hire the best talent of all times.

Moreover, a small company ATS allows for real-time collaboration with other team members. Now, the Hiring Manager can monitor and track the status of every undergoing recruitment activity. This makes recruitment fully transparent.

#2 Performance-Based Hiring Decisions

Recruiters using the traditional approach to recruitment often complain of a lack of time to interview. In order to meet recruiting deadlines, recruiters often back the wrong horse. Most of the time gets wasted in scrutinizing the applications and shortlisting the candidates for recruiting.

There isn’t enough time left for interviews. The recruiters aren’t able to gauge the true potential of the candidates. No relationship building takes place. In a hurry to fill a vacancy, recruiters commit blunders which are neither good for their careers nor for the company reputation.

A small business ATS helps to shortlist the perfect-fit candidates within a blink of an eye according to inputs and keywords given by the recruiters. This leaves ample time for recruiters to spend quality time in interviewing the candidates and understand their expectations, soft-skills and other capabilities.

Apart from that, talent acquisition software smartly keeps on building a talent database. This further reduces the time to hire significantly. Before pushing the job description in the market, the recruiters first give a sneak-peek into the candidate database.

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#3 CV/Resume Based Hiring Decisions

As a recruiter, you cannot blindly believe the things written on a CV to be true. It can very well happen that even a well-qualified candidate doesn’t turn out to be perfect for your organization. The recruiters need to read between the lines.

If your organization cannot fulfil the career expectations of the applicant, he may leave the company within a month. So, it’s very important to understand the soft skills of the candidate. It’s important to gauge the cultural fitness of the candidate with your work culture as well.

CVs should be used as an aid to the hiring decisions and should not be considered as the sole criteria. There may be high performing candidates who don’t know how to use keywords and some underperforming ones may know how to place keywords effectively to pass the radar.

This is the major loophole of CV based hiring. But, on the other hand, the recruiters should know how to channelize the power of CV efficiently. Listing the applicant’s achievements, references list, skill set, work experience, etc on the ATS interface would help recruiters to cherry-pick the candidates.

#4 Hiring for Global Locations

One of the toughest challenges for any SMB is to hire for a global location. Working from remote locations is quickly becoming popular in this gig era. In fact, most of the small companies and start-ups prefer digital nomads for their assignments.

Setting up calls, sending notifications and interview scheduling becomes troublesome during cross-border hiring. The access to traditional hiring software or desktop-based ATS is limited to office vicinity. So, the entire recruiting process is halted and cannot be performed in different time-zones.

With the new and advanced online applicant tracking system, the connectivity can be established even from the comfort of the home. Now the recruiters can send emails, track the status of candidates and schedule interviews in real-time.

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Don’t Hire Just to Fill a Vacancy

The recruiters often tend to hire anyone just to fill the vacancy. One wrong hire would make a dent in your company’s budget as well as slows down its efficiency and productivity. The impact is deep and resounding on small companies that have a handful of employees.

So, it’s better to hire the lesser of two evils i.e. having the position remain vacant rather than hiring just anyone.

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