Online Applicant Tracking System: How Does It Work?

online applicant tracking systemIf you are planning to subscribe to an online applicant tracking system or you just want to understand how an online ATS works , this article will give you a good overview.

If you are planning to streamline your candidate management, Recruiteze, our small business applicant tracking system can help you manage your jobs, careers page, applications, candidates, communication and notes in a simple easy to use interface.

Who are the actors involved in the recruitment process?

Client/Group – If you are a staffing agency, then you will have clients. If you are hiring for your own company, then it could be a division within your company.

Hiring Manager – The hiring manager usually raises the request for a new resource.

HR – If you are hiring for your own company, depending on the size of the company you may have a HR Department. HR usually needs to approve the new job requisition.

Recruiter – The recruiter coordinates with the hiring manager and the candidates. Recruiters also post the job requisition, filter out the applications, pre-screen the candidates, schedule the interviews and consolidate and convey the hiring decision to the candidate.

Interviewer – Depending on the size of the company, there can be one or more interviewers. The interviewer provides feedback regarding the interview to the hiring manager/recruiter.

Candidate/Applicant – The job applicant, who applies for the posted job either through job boards, social media or career portal.

On average, each job application receives about 250 resumes. Now with all the actors involved, there is a lot of communication that happens between the various people in various stages until the job requisition is closed. If you do not have a way to track, organize and maintain all this information, you will lose control of your hiring process and decisions.

That is the precise reason why you need an online recruiting software to manage your clients, managers, jobs, applications, scheduling, communication and notes.

How does an online applicant tracking system work?

Two of the most important features of an online ATS are the career portal and resume parsing.

Earlier career portals were mostly managed manually. Only large enterprises used to have a career portal managed by an ATS. This is because this feature was available only in enterprise applicant tracking systems. Now this feature is available in most modern ATS.

How does this work?

Usually the ATS will provide either a widget or link. You will embed this piece of code into your careers page and it will automatically start listing all your active jobs that are added to your recruiting software account.

Most online ATS will also allow you to customize the look and feel of your job detail page and the job application.

A careers portal driven by an applicant tracking system will also allow you to create a custom job application. This can also help you to choose better candidates for your interviews. This will help you gather relevant information as well as allow the candidates to provide additional information for you to review their experience and interest for the job.

Once a candidate applies for a job through your career portal, the associated recruiter will be notified and the candidate resume will be parsed and added to your database. Then the recruiter can put the candidate through the hiring workflow or rejection workflow. A big part of candidate experience is keeping the candidates in the loop. The candidates would like to know what happened to their application. This can be achieved through an ATS.

If the candidate is chosen for an interview, the recruiter will do a pre-screening usually by phone and they can capture the notes from this interview. Then they can schedule the interview with the hiring manager and interview team to complete the evaluation. During this evaluation all the feedback from the interviews can be added to the candidate notes. Based on all the feedback, a decision to hire can be made.

Without an ATS, all this communication and notes will be stored in emails, which cannot be stored for analysis or for legal purposes later.

Another big feature of most online ATS is the ability to publish your jobs to online job boards like Indeed, GlassDoor and Social Media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. This will increase the visibility of your jobs, which will result in more job applications.

When you have more job applications and a better way to filter candidates, you can hire better employees. Read this article on cost of a bad hire.

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