Online Job Application System: Why You Need One

online job application system

With the advent of affordable cloud software, it is time for every organization that hires employees to use an online job application system.

What is an Online Job Application System?

An online job application system is a cloud-based software that provides useful tools to manage your career portal, applications, and candidates.

Here are is how regular recruitment works without job application software:

  1. First, you post your job advertisement on numerous job boards. Job posting on a job board requires you to create an account with each of the job boards, and then you have to go through the process of posting each job requirement, which can easily take anywhere from ten minutes to thirty minutes. If you post on ten job boards, you would have spent about five hours doing that.
  2. Next step, you would ask your website developer to update the website with the job advertisement or do it yourself if you know how to do it. Adding a job to the website could take another thirty minutes.
  3. You will start receiving the applications in your inbox. Now you will create a spreadsheet and start tracking the applications. As you talk to the candidates, you will begin adding the notes to the spreadsheet. Now, if multiple people are involved in the hiring process, each of them might have the interview notes in their spreadsheet. So, all the notes, communications are scattered on different spreadsheets and email accounts.
  4. All the resumes are in the email accounts or on a shared folder or the recruiter’s harddrive.

If you look at this recruitment process, you can see there are huge holes in the process. 

  • You cannot access all the recruitment data easily. 
  • You are losing the opportunity to build a candidate database. 
  • You are wasting a lot of time doing things manually.
  • You do not provide a great candidate experience due to a lack of a coherent communications strategy and mechanism.
  • You may leave stale jobs on the job boards if you forget to remove the job advertisements.

Now, let us see how online job application software can help make this process more efficient.

online job application system
  1. Publish Jobs To Numerous Job Boards With One Click: With a modern online job application system, you can post and publish your job to numerous job boards with one click.
  2. Manage Your Career Page: Again, you can publish your job to your career page with a single click.
  3. Application Acknowledgement: When a candidate applies to a job, an acknowledgment email is sent automatically to each applicant. An application acknowledgment enhances the candidate experience by providing the next steps in the application process.
  4. Process Applications With Customized Workflows: You can quickly process hundreds of applications using a customized workflow in an online job application system. 
  5. Build Your Candidate Database: You can start building a candidate database for your future hiring purposes.
  6. Streamline Your Communications: Using email templates, you can use consistent and professional messaging from your whole recruitment team.
  7. Notes: Easily add and track recruitment notes in a unified way.
  8. Hiring Metrics: You can review and track your hiring metrics. It helps you to optimize your hiring processes to make faster and better hiring decisions.
  9. Save Time: You can save a lot of time spent posting, publishing, and sorting the applications, notes, and communications.
  10. Save Money: Since time is money, you will save money.
  11. Make Better Hiring Decisions: Having access to data in a unified way helps you make better hiring decisions.
  12. Increase Candidate Experience: The core concept of candidate experience is efficient and effective communications. An online job application system allows you to keep the applicants in the loop throughout the hiring process.
online job application software

Online Job Application System

Recruiteze is a free online job application system. With Recruiteze, you can post and publish jobs to Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Google Jobs, Facebook Jobs, Glassdoor, and several other job boards with one click. You can also create a custom career portal and manage your career page from the Recruiteze portal. You can set up customized workflows and process your applications quickly and efficiently. Try Recruiteze free today!

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