Top 15 Benefits of an ATS Post-Covid

Top 15 benefits of an ATS post covid

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of using online applicant tracking systems? Agencies and other companies can find many advantages for using online applicant tracking systems. These advantages save time, increase productivity, and more!

What is an Online Applicant Tracking System?

An online applicant tracking system is referred to as a Cloud-Based Software or a Software as a Service Application. This means that once you sign up for a service, it is available on any device connected to the internet and has a browser.

Primarily, it is used on the desktop, but these services are equally available on Mobile Devices like Tablets and Smartphones.

If you are curious to find more about ATS, check our article on what is an online applicant tracking system.

What is an Online Applicant Tracking System?

Effects of COVID-19 on the industry and how ATS helps

There are more job seekers in the marketplace as a result of COVID-19. Since social distancing is still widely encouraged, at least 80% of all job seekers will only apply to sites that use an applicant tracking system because it’s easier for them and doesn’t require any physical contact.

Since we know that an online ATS reduces time to hire, you can be more efficient with your time and the overall recruitment process.

Businesses that use some form of automation can expect to grow and succeed over the next 20 years more than companies that do not. The same expectation holds true for companies that expect to rapidly increase their business potential over the next few months. While no one can turn back time and earn back the sales that were lost while forced to close, automation will help generate leads faster.

Companies with as few as eight employees can save up to $10,000 using an online ATS within the overall hiring process.

Using an online ATS can help you narrow down your candidates by 70% or more, which leads to faster hire times.

In addition to improving your business post coronavirus, there are a number of benefits to using an online ATS. In addition to improving your recruiting workflow, you’ll also save money on personnel costs and reduce administrative tasks.

The 15 Benefits of an Online Applicant Tracking System

The 15 Benefits of an Online Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking software is great for organization and reformatting resumes in a way that doesn’t take up time or space. In addition, the system can also do the following for agencies that choose to use online applicant tracking systems:

  1. Save time. Recruiters spend entirely too much on administrative tasks when their time could be better spent connecting with top talent. An online ATS is a perfect solution for small businesses, in that it helps hiring managers find top candidates without adding to their hiring time. Resume screening, interview schedules, and online job postings can be done easily and quickly with an applicant tracking system. What recruiter wouldn’t want to make their workload easier so that they can do a better job of finding the perfect candidate?
  2. Cut down on costs. Trusting an online ATS will not only help find top candidates but also reduce costs, which is key when so many companies are reducing spending across the board. Manual recruiting can be time-consuming. There are many man-hours involved in administrative duties entering data and communicating with the candidate. By automating these tasks, you can easily reduce costs.
  3. Quality hire. Using an online ATS can help you improve your quality of hire because you can control the standards and qualifications to pre-identify the type of candidates you’re looking for.
  4. With an online ATS, you are able to manage your hiring from anywhere. Once you sign up for the service, you can access the Software if you have an internet connection and a browser from anywhere in the world.
  5. You will always be working with the latest version of the software. Most cloud software vendors fix issues and release updates regularly. Make sure you sign up with someone who does these regular updates.
  6. Easy for remote employees to access and use the Software online. If you have one or more remote employees anywhere globally, all of them will have access to the same information always.
  7. Easy for candidates to access your online job postings on your Career Portal or the Job Boards.
  8. You can drive your career portal through your online ATS. Jobs posted on your online ATS will automatically be available on your career page.
  9. You can create custom applications for your jobs. When candidates apply for your Jobs, you can capture additional relevant information that will help you filter candidates.
  10. You will not have stale jobs on your careers page. If you are not using an online applicant tracking system to drive your career page, you need to hire someone to manage your Career page; otherwise, you will have stale jobs on the site.
  11. You can cancel anytime with notice. This is a massive advantage since your costs are not fixed. If you are a small business running into a cash crunch, you can cancel the service anytime.
  12. You can downgrade anytime. This is very important. If you need to reduce expenses due to any reason, you should be able to downgrade. Make sure you sign up with a vendor who retains all your data even after your downgrade. This will help you cut costs quickly, and you can always upgrade to get the full-featured ATS when you are ready and require it.
  13. You can add and remove users as your team increases or decreases, and you will pay only for the number of users currently using the system.
  14. You do not need any server hardware to host your online applicant tracking system.
  15. You do not need IT Staff to administer your online applicant tracking system, unlike Desktop-based ATS.

You have read our ATS education series on why and how to choose an ATS. Hope this helps you choose the right service for you.

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Simple Online Applicant Tracking System for Small Business

Simple Online Applicant Tracking System for Small Business

Recruiteze is our simple online Applicant Tracking System that can manage your hiring process efficiently from anywhere in the world. It is a highly secure and simple system you can get going within 10 minutes.

Here are some of the benefits of using Recruiteze:

  • Simple workforce budgeting and planning
  • Strategic decision making made easy
  • Increase retention and productivity
  • Reduction in recruitment cost
  • Reduction in paperwork for recruitment and other processes
  • Ability to set and measure goals
  • Market job postings
  • Manage travel expenses, background checks, job fairs, and more
  • Manage staff recruitment, internally and externally
  • Improve internal mobility through organizations
  • Improve all inefficiencies
  • Improve internal and external communication
  • Reduced hiring time and recruitment administrations
  • Help with forming sourcing strategies
  • Employment brand improvements
  • Elimination of duplicate submissions
  • Database creation for future needs
  • Automated Requisition Approval Process
  • Streamline best practices and processes for recruitment and hiring
  • Direct access to social media outlets

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