Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System Release Notes 11/05/2017

applicant tracking system

We had a major release today for Recruiteze: Applicant Tracking System.

The big feature with today’s release is the smart job board feature. Here are the highlights of the feature.

1. Customize your job detail.
2. Access your jobs list with a url of the form
3. Customize your job detail with the type of information to display.
4. Create a custom job application with custom fields to pre-screen candidates.
5. Create a personalized candidate email acknowledgement template. This helps send a personalized application acknowledgement email to the candidate once they apply.
6. Customize the job detail, jobs list and job application by adding logo and customizing the color scheme.
7. Ability to integrate the jobs widget to your career’s page.
8. Allows you to access the job detail through a url.

Here are the knowledge base articles for this feature:

How to setup Recruiteze Smart Career’s Page
How to integrate your Recruiteze Smart Job Widget to your Career’s Page

This feature is available only with the premium version of the applicant tracking system.

Minor fixes:
1. Fixed the settings modal job code settings issues.
2. Added bulk upload restrictions, so that it is not misused during the free trial.

Thanks to all our users for the feedback and encouragement. Please send us an email to if you have questions/suggestions/feedback.

Happy Recruiting!
Recruiteze Team

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