Recruiteze: Recruitment Software Product Related Release

Today we published a major release of both our Resume Formatting Service and Recruitment Software Service. We have completed all the required redirects from iReformat to Recruiteze.

We have all the required changes for launching the Recruitment Software. We are working on the WordPress site update, we have got good feedback from users that our customer facing site looks outdated as well as the fonts are hazy.

The next update coming this week for our wordpress site is going to be much better than what we have now. One of the other issues we have had is, we have not clearly explained the features of our existing iReformat Automated Resume Formatting service product. When we say fast, flexible and consistent it is not clear to the visitors of the site, what exactly we are offering.

We are working on a site upgrade as well as a content upgrade. We are also supporting simple pricing scheme for our iReformat product, we have 4 plans now which clearly specify the number of resumes available for each plan. We also have a custom plan option where you can pick the number of resumes. This is also based on the customer feedback.

We will be doing some rapid releases this month to add some features to the Resume Formatting Service, we are also working on the long term roadmap for the Recruiteze Recruitment Software product for small businesses.

Thanks for your continued feedback and support. We greatly appreciate it. Please use our new software after the launch and provide your feedback.

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