Recruiteze: Usability Release Notes 05-31-2015

This is a minor release for both our Recruiteze: Online Recruitment Software as well as iReformat: Our Automated Resume Formatting Software.

We have addressed most of the UI for usability issues, as well as upgraded the look and feel.

We still have some more work for the Responsiveness we have noticed during this effort. We will fix all responsive related issues in the month of June.

Our existing users will need to clear the browser cache to see the latest changes. We will fix this in the next release to not having to clear the cache, by implementing versioning for the styles. We have versioning only for scripts as of now.

We worked on the ability to upload and format PDF documents, but we had to rollback those changes for this release, since it failed QA.

Next month, we will have one major release and one minor release.

Thanks to our users for the continued feedback, which helps us evolve.

Please email to if you have any questions.

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