Job Descriptions and Salaries – Should You Include Them in Job Description?

Including salary range in a job description is often questioned. Recruiters aren’t sure whether or not they should disclose this information when advertising for an available position. Today, we talk about why it is a good idea to include salary ranges.

There are many reasons you should include a salary range in a job ad. It can be beneficial for both you and the potential candidate, which is precisely what we will discuss in this post.

More time on the interview for the important things

Candidates will always want to know what their salary might be.

Why waste time discussing this in every single interview.

If you want to get quality candidates, then just put the salary range in your job ad.

Those candidates that don’t like it won’t apply, so you won’t have to go through resumes and interviews only to be rejected by a candidate due to the low salary.

Experience is not a good measure of salary

Many times, recruiters will choose to include in their ad that salary depends on experience. However, it’s challenging to know what that phrase means.

Some candidates might assume that they’ll walk into a new position making the same salary they did previously, no matter their experience level. On the other hand, people view experience in different ways.

There’s no way to fully understand if a candidate is experienced enough without having a conversation with them. It’s best to disclose a pay scale of the salary so that candidates are aware of the wage range.

Then, they’ll have an open mind towards the range and know what to expect when it comes to offers.

Candidates won’t apply if the salary range is missing

Many individuals refrain from applying to positions that do not disclose a salary range in their job description. In this case, you may be missing out on top talent in the field.

Believe it or not, job ads that offer a salary range get more than 30% more candidates than those that don’t include one.

Transparency is highly valued

There are ways for potential candidates to find out what the pay scale is, even if you choose to withhold the information on a job ad.

While it might not be precisely accurate, there are websites where previous and current employees can leave reviews about companies where they’ve worked or work for.

In this, individuals can give their thoughts on the company’s interviewing process, salary ranges, culture, and more.

It’s better just to go ahead and include the salary range in your job ad so that you know it’s 100% accurate and not hearsay from a current or previous employee.

Millennials and younger generations value different things

Millennials want different things than baby boomers when it comes to working. By 2030, more than 70% of the workforce will be made up of millennials.

Finding new ways to motivate them and attract their talent is essential. Including salary ranges to attract millennials is a great idea.


This generation is more likely to discuss their salary with friends, family, and coworkers than any other generation. When they cannot discuss compensation for a potential new job, they may be less likely to inquire.

In terms of actively working candidates, they are less likely to leave a job for another one that pays less. In addition, they may not want to waste their time applying for a new position when they aren’t sure what the salary will be.

Potential candidates that are currently employed are just as important as those who are not working.

Some recruiters don’t even know the salary range

Though it isn’t a common trend, some recruiters have no idea the salary range for an available position.

This can be the case for many reasons. Whatever the case, it’s important to take time to set a salary range for the available position before advertising it.

It will help you stand out

Around 50% of all companies in the United States choose not to include information about salary in their job descriptions. Adding the salary range in your job ad will help you stand out above the competition and potentially be a prospect’s first choice for employment.

You’ll be doing the candidate a favor by including a salary range in the job description. It helps to alleviate the awkward conversation that will eventually need to come up.

It’s not easy to ask about salary as a candidate. It might also be difficult for a recruiter to jump in during an interview and talk about salary when it hasn’t been disclosed.

Refrain from mentioning the salary ranges if you want to negotiate

Sometimes, you will be willing to negotiate with candidates about the salary if they are very valuable. It isn’t uncommon for high-paying executive positions that there is no salary range in the job description for this reason. Meaning, high-end jobs salary negotiations.

And by that, it is often meant that those individuals also wish that their earnings are kept private.

Sometimes current employees might feel frustrated

Putting salary ranges in job descriptions makes them public.

And by that, your current employees can easily see them. If they know that you are planning on paying new employees for the same job positions more than they are paid now, or that they were paid when first starting out can make them frustrated.

This can only create a problem for your internal HR, so if you plan to display salary ranges, make sure to be just.

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