The Untold Secret to Resume Formatting Service in Less Than Ten Minutes

online resume formatting systemRecruiters, employers, and HR managers spend a significant part of their day screening and reviewing CVs and resumes while seeking a perfect candidate. It is a time consuming and tiring activity. If the resume does not visually appeal to the reviewer, there is every possible chance that the resume won’t be read and the candidate will not be called for an interview.

It is possible that the skills, knowledge, and abilities perfectly match  the job requirements and the resume has perfect content but the candidate still doesn’t get an interview call. Why?

Simply because the resume lacks formatting or it is not formatted according to the latest market standards. An online resume formatting system helps to design an effective resume that will sell the candidate to the highest bidder!

Resume Formatting Trends 2019

Well, it is really very difficult to remember and memorize all the formatting rules as they keep on changing every six months or so. The main aim of any online resume formatting system is to make the resume look polished and easy to comprehend.  Resume formatting tools optimize the resume and ensure that it adheres to the correct formatting guidelines and standards. Here are some quick resume formatting trends which are likely to continue in 2019 as well as how a resume formatting service can help to achieve those.

  • Visual Formatting Enhancement

 A resume formatting service helps a candidate or company create a good first impression in front of the potential employer or client. The service helps to integrate the content into a professional and eye-catching resume that will make the HR managers or the recruiters more curious about the candidate.

  • Margin Corrections and Document Realignment

Alignment of the document is very important as it imparts a consistent and balanced look to the reader and keeps him engaged in the resume content. Also, am online resume formatting system ensures the document margins will avoid any printing issues. It also ensures that sufficient white space is kept between different sections for easy scanning and reading.

  • Proofreading and Sentence Formatting

With AI being continually involved in resume formatting tools, there is absolutely no need to worry about sentence structure and grammatical mistakes now. The resume formatting software is fully equipped to deal with proofreading and improving sentence structure. All the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are scanned and corrected automatically. Also, the document is proofread so as to eliminate typing and spelling mistakes.

  • Stylistic Formatting

Font type and style make or break a resume. An ideal resume formatting service uses just two font sizes while formatting, one for the heading and one for the rest of the content. Ideal font size should not be smaller than 10 points. The headers should be between 16 and 22 and the rest of the resume should be between 10 and 12. The name of the candidate should be written in the biggest font. The most common fonts are Geneva, Verdana, Arial, Palatino and Times New Roman.

  • Ideal Length

As per the latest trends, if the candidate has less than 15 years of experience a one-page resume is better. If the candidate is applying for an executive position, the ideal length of the resume can be between two and three pages.

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Benefits of Online Resume Formatting System for Businesses

The business world is increasingly evolving with time. Business outlooks are constantly changing both perspective and dimensions. It is very important to understand the need to have resume formatting services to further help you bag clients and projects.

In fact, the company may speed up their recruitment process by applying resume formatting services. Ineligible candidates will be removed automatically, thereby, saving a lot of time and energy. The formatting tools offer consistent and streamlined support for resume screening to the HR departments.

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This service saves time and helps hiring managers focus on other key functions of recruitment. It allows for a speedier search of the candidates as the recruiters are now able to spend more time during the interview round with the candidate. Resume formatting services indeed help with the effective utilization of resources.

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What to Expect from a Resume Formatting Service?

Any resume formatting software will provide the right blend of service to help the candidate or the business address their recruitment needs in a qualitative manner. It offers a well disciplined and customized structure which totally focuses on meeting industry trends.

  • An ideal resume formatting software or service should offer complete guidance and proper inputs on formatting methods.
  • The service should format the resume as per the industry trends and give it a professional look so as to achieve a better response for the resumes.
  • The service or software should effectively coordinate with the HR team and the existing workflow, following a timely adherence to all the resume processing needs.
  • An effective line up of resumes should be maintained by the resume formatting service which will help with channelized and speedier recruiting.

An ideal resume should:

  • have an attractive and professional touch
  • be clear and easy to read
  • be easily scanned in under 15 seconds
  • adhere to all standard formatting rules
  • be fully optimized and updatable in Microsoft Word
  • be keyword optimized for the targeted position

Quick Resume Building and Formatting Tips

  1. Building Tips

Know your audience

Before writing a resume, the first thing to keep in mind is the targeted audience and reader. For example, when an applicant submits a resume online or uploads it on company’s job portal, he needs to be sure that the resume is easy to read for recruiters as well as applicant tracking systems or ATS.

The resume must comply with industry standards and shouldn’t be fancy at all. The candidate should know that excessive formatting, non-standard fonts, or other fancy elements may not be able to parse the resume through an ATS. This will result in an unreadable or garbled resume from HR’s perspective.

Also, while designing a resume the candidate must know about the company culture. For example, a finance company will definitely reject a creative resume while a design firm is likely to look for a candidate’s aesthetic sense in the resume.

Keep It Simple

Going simple makes the resume readable by applicant tracking systems. In many organizations, the resumes are first filtered through an ATS and then by people. If the resume did not pass this first level of screening, it will never reach the recruiter.

It is always recommended to use the preferred fonts (stated above in the article) and formatting to ensure that the resume will be read.

Be Consistent

Try to avoid using bold, underlining, italics, and the overuse of capitalization. The candidate should know when and where to get creative.

2. Formatting Tips

  • The candidate name should be bold and enlarged and should be featured at the top.
  • All the sections should be lined up and they must also follow consistency.
  • Use any of the preferred fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, Palatino or Geneva. The font size should be between 10 and 12 except for the name and headings.
  • If the resume continues onto the second page, then it should be filled at least halfway.
  • A small text such as “continued” or “continue” should be placed at the end of the first page. The second page should also contain the candidate’s name on top.
  • Graphics or fancy things should only be included if the job profile demands the need for the same. For example, this could be true for the job roles of a design editor or a creative head or similar position.
  • Links to social media profiles should not be mentioned in a resume that is submitted online.
  • Acronyms should be avoided. Full forms should be used for colleges or universities.
  • Proofread, proofread, and proofread again!

Winding Up

Resume formatting services have become a necessity rather than an optional choice in today’s corporate world. Both companies and candidates require resume formatting services to win the ongoing competition in the market.

Candidates need this service to crack their dream jobs and recruiters need it to speed up their recruitment process.

Be it a beginner level or a professional or experienced level, everyone needs to have resume formatting. After all, a resume is the face of the candidate and everyone wants to make a great first impression. From entry level positions to internships, from managerial jobs to executive ones, a resume formatting service is the first requisite before the resume is submitted.

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