Staying Motivated During the Holiday Season

applicant tracking system for small business As we face the end of the year, many people begin to get the holiday jitters. Time off and enjoying the holidays with family and friends can become the focus. The countdown typically begins the week before Christmas. You may find yourself having trouble staying motivated and productively dedicated to the tasks that should be done before your holiday time begins. Searching for a quality applicant tracking system for small business hiring this holiday season? Try Recruiteze. You can start your free trial today without any obligation!

No matter how excited you are for the holidays, we have several tips that can help keep you motivated while you get your recruiting tasks complete for the end of the year. Start off on a fresh note for 2019.

For a great way to keep yourself motivated, as well as others within your company, consider spreading some holiday cheer. Even those who do not celebrate Christmas will still appreciate an end-of-the-year luncheon, appreciation cards, gift exchanges, or other fun things that can give everyone a break yet help motivate them to continue working through.

Take time to think of all the things you’ve accomplished this year. Chances are, you’ll be able to jot down quite a few accomplishments. Think of all the goals you set for yourself, for your team, and other challenges that were met and/or exceeded throughout the year. Take time to recognize and acknowledge these. Taking a look at how far you’ve come this year can help you push through and get the necessary tasks completed before the end of the year.

Planning your next steps for accomplishing all the tasks that should be done by the end of the year will be a great way to ensure that it gets done. Write down every task that should be done. Then, make a to do list that prioritizes most important tasks first. As you complete them, mark each item off your list. You’ll be seeing results and getting your tasks complete. Sometimes, planning is the best way to get motivated. Marking items off the list can also be equally motivating as you’re able to track your progress.

Think about how you feel when you have accomplished great things. You can find motivation in those emotions. Even though you’re ready for the holidays to begin, you can get quite a few things out of the way before the new year so that you can enjoy your time off.

Stay away from multitasking. Many times, we make the mistake of trying to do too many things at once in hopes that we will get it all done quickly. However, most often, multitasking can be detrimental and leave us with more to do than we have time for. Stick to one task at a time, complete it, and then move onto the next. There’s nothing worse than trying to do three or four different things at once and finding out that technically you’ve wasted your time and haven’t accomplished anything.

Getting motivated and productive at the end of the year can be challenging. However, it’s important to take these tips under consideration and know that starting the new year off on the right foot is a wonderful thing. To learn more about how you can get motivated this holiday season head over to our next blog post.

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