Top 10 Business Development Tips for New Recruiters

Recruiting System“Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organisation from customers, markets, and relationships.”

– Scott Pollack

Business development is often misunderstood as a term that modifies or replaces the term sales. The functioning of business development has much more do than mere selling. If you are a recruiter and are on the lookout for a candidate for the purpose of developing your business, you need to look for those qualities in the candidates that are good enough for generating leads. Generating and accelerating the business leads includes knowing the market of the business, client class to target, approaching it in an effective manner, generating the responsive content, connecting with people, making and maintaining the order, and relationship management. Here are a few business development tips for new recruiters. Are you searching for a recruiting system that you can trust to make your job easier? Try Recruiteze today for free!

1. Business Development Is a Long-term Task

Business development needs a right approach and a positive mindset. Making the business is a second thing. The prior goal is to make the relations. Relation with the client defines the altitude of the business ladder. New recruiters should keep in mind that the core purpose of any business is to achieve the long-term relation, rather than the one time sale. Hence, you should never impose upon a prospect to be your client. Take all the necessary steps to maintain a healthy relationship with the prospects.

2. Do an ample amount of research to build your brand

Your clientele, prospects, and partners are going to look for your business online. As a recruiter you should always strive to make your business a well-reputed brand in the market. The online branding is an effective way of networking and reaching the desired audience for your business. Create and regularly update the page and account of your business on various popular social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Quora. Share the business oriented posts and content that generate awareness and inform people about your products and services and give them important updates. Show people how dedicated and knowledgeable you are in your field. Be a storyteller of your business and its growth. The performance of the business is directly proportional to the engagement of the people. Social media presence helps to gain the engagement and the trust of the people. When you continue sharing updates with them, they tend to believe in your services and start associating themselves with your brand. Thus, people are more likely to give your products and services a try if they receive relevant and timely updates from you.

3. Know your prospects well before approaching them

Before approaching any new prospects, you must conduct thorough research about them. Only when you possess sufficient knowledge about people you are planning to approach will you be able to figure out how you can be of help to them and in what manner. Obvious as it may be, the services you offer should be of some value and make sense to the one you are approaching. The needs of one prospect may vary from another along with their vision. Hence, knowing who you are approaching is essential before approaching anyone. Their needs and demands must be tailored accordingly and served properly by your business.

4. Don’t make cold calls for the sake of it

As a new recruiter, you have to study all the past works and experiences in order to provide proper references to your prospects. Hence, before making a call, it is necessary that you research well the needs and demands of the prospects. You may try and seek answers to the following questions:

  • What are the most effective services that you may offer to your potential clients?
  • How are you going to offer the services that your prospects may require?
  • Will it be possible for you to communicate the right information to your clients?

You will be required to make the clients absolutely clear about the company’s portfolio and at the same time throw some light on your achievements in a very subtle manner. Make sure that the call always ends with some agreed upon actions and positive vibes. Make a note and schedule of the call or meeting to be made in forthcoming days and weeks. If you do not end a call with clear action steps, there is a good chance that you will never be able to reconnect with that prospect.

5. Get the right mentor

As a new recruiter, get the right mentor for yourself. Attend the mentoring sessions for recruiters. Know the tactics and strategies for business development. Connect with other business developers and recruiters over social networking sites. Engage and learn from them. Recruiters and BDEs are usually very active on social media and are trying to learn the market. By making connections with successful people in your domain, you will be able to learn a lot from them. It might even help you to check out online drives and sessions that are being held for recruiters and business developers.

6. Work with strong ethics

Ethics include a strong dedication and passion towards work with the principle of honesty. Work ethic does not mean that you should be working from 9 to 5. Work ethic means to be willing to work until the desired target is accomplished. Work ethic is not only about the hours you put in. It is as much about the dedication you have and the efforts you put in. You must be willingly concerned and passionate about the business. Business development requires a strong and positive approach along with the commitment to do whatever the business demands from you to be successful.

7. Look at the current clients to find your next clients

While looking out for new clients, you should start by examining the clients that you have already served. Which type of clients gives you the most profit in the business? Note the clients and their industry type. Know which industry type best suits and profits your business. While finding the new clients, find them on the basis of records of existing ones. There is a good chance that you won’t fail to attract the clients if you know the current market well. However, this is not a hard and fast rule for any recruiter to be successful.

8. Rejection is not the end

It is absolutely alright if your prospects don’t work out. Not everybody you approach will respond in your favor. This does not mean that you have to continuously message or call the prospects. Even if the prospects have denied you, you can still maintain good relations with them. You can check on them periodically to see how they are doing and if there is anything that you may do to help them. Reach out to them to congratulate them whenever you hear some good news about their business. Share articles they will find interesting. As a recruiter, you should be familiar with rejections and failures. And you should know that this is not the end of the business. Business happens and grows with a positive mindset.

9. You don’t have to be an industry expert

Being a recruiter does not mean that you have to be an expert in every domain you offer. As a recruiter, your main strength should be to hire talent. That is, you just need to be an expert in knowing who will be the most suitable candidate to develop your business and magnify the profits. Look forward to hiring people who will able to fulfill the client’s brief. Note down the points where your organization fell short to meet the clients’ needs the last time. While looking forward to hiring new staff, look for those qualities that will benefit your organisation in the long run.

10. Get used to BD all day, every day

You need to indulge yourself in the process of Business Development (BD) on everyday basis. This is because it is not something that is a one time thing or a short-term goal. It is a long-term and ongoing process for every business. Hence, BD should be in your attitude. Ask yourself the questions, research for new strategies and techniques that will work, extract out the outdated measures, seek and read the information available, chase to bring the leads for your business and so on. Business development is not a task or a tool, it is a process. The process can never be accomplished within a set or periodic duration. Hence, you must always carry the BD approach in your mind while working and recruiting the new talent. You must refrain from pushing too much as business development will take time to produce the noticeable and desired results.

Some Final Words:

Recruiting is an interesting and a highly responsible task for any organization. Recruiters have the potential to make a business a success or complete failure. As a new recruiter, you must, therefore, be well prepared for your responsibilities as you will play an important role in deciding the company’s future.

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