Why Are Millennials Getting Fired?

Free Recruiting SoftwareAre you tired of dealing with millennials in the workforce and hoping to get a better idea of why they’re always getting fired?

Are you a millennial and feel that you aren’t understood as an employee? This generation is being fired more than any other and there are several reasons why. If your company is searching for free recruiting software, check out Recruiteze. We make recruiting easy!

Reasons Millennials Are Getting Fired

Whether they realize it or not, millennials are coached all throughout life by their parents. They never have to figure anything out on their own. Someone has always been there to help them through it.

Employers aren’t interested in continually coaching their workers through their career. They want them to figure things out alone. This is one of the biggest reasons why Generation Y seems to be terminated often. Inc.com suggests the following for this generation, “Millennials should do their best to proactively seek resources on their own to help them close gaps in skills and knowledge in the workplace. There are plenty of online tools and resources to help them put their best professional self forward.”

Hiring managers also feel that millennials have an “anti-work” attitude that often means they’re looking for a job that only requires 30 hours of work per week, complete with a full-time salary and benefits. In addition, it’s been documented that Generation Y is never on time. They’re far more schedule flexible than employers are used to dealing with. This can cause major issues.

This generation is also looking for a place to work that’s fun, inviting and easy going. They want to wear shorts and tennis shoes. They want to take two hours for lunch or work from home. If jobs are fun, they don’t want to perform as expected.

How do we fix this as employers? According to Inc.com, “Many Millennials just need help understanding some of the basic elements for finding an internal motivation for work. They need to know their professional strengths and workplace personas, and the defining skills they’d like to grow so they can build up their specialties and find direction and motivation at the job.”

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