What Are the Best Jobs for Millennials?

Free Applicant Tracking SystemMillennials are often looked down upon in the workforce. Many are fresh out of college or just beginning to think about working in the professional world. However, that outlook should change in the near future.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, millennials were predicted to be the largest generation in the workforce by the end of 2015. So clearly, they’re taking over. That means companies looking for potential clients will need to start consider millennials over others in the workforce.

While their idea of working is different from baby boomers, millennials are assets to the workforce for various reasons. According to forbes.com, “Millennials have very much re-imagined the 40-hour work week with many employers working to provide more benefits and waste less time commuting –a win for both the enlightened company, as well as the employee. An estimated three million Americans work from home and that number is expected to increase 63 percent over the next five years.”

Below, you’ll find a list of the best jobs for this generation who are out there seeking new employment or degrees. If you want to hire millennials for your company, be sure to use our free applicant tracking system. Keep reading to see how Recruiteze can help.

Best Jobs for Millennials

Financial Planner – If you love numbers and dealing with financials consider becoming a financial planner. There is a growing need for this profession. You’ll find that with a salary each year of around $89,000 on average and a growth rate that’s around 30 percent, you’ll won’t be looking for a job for too long.

Human Resources Manager – HR managers are going to only grow by 9 percent in less than ten years but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a job. And, it pays great. With an annual salary of around $104,400, you’ll find that this is a great career to get into.

Information Security Analyst – For those that are interested in IT security and the advances in technology, this might be the perfect job. It pays well, too. Coming in right over $90,000 a year, this job is expected to grow 18 percent in the coming years.

Market Research Analyst – With an average pay of around $62,000 per year, a market analyst will be an asset to many companies in the near future. While this job doesn’t pay as much as most on this list, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a need for someone to take the positions.

Free Applicant Tracking SystemRegistered Nurse – RNs are needed in more settings than just a hospital. Because of that, this is one of the top ten jobs for millennials. With a growth rate of 16 percent in the next few years, those that go into this industry won’t be disappointed. A growing need for healthcare workers is causing a boost in this industry for recruiting. Average pay is less than $68,000 per year,  but you’ll find that getting a job isn’t difficult.

Software Developer – We all know how much technology is advancing. It’s something that is continuing to do so, as well. That means becoming a software developer is a great career choice. With an average salary of around $100,500 you’ll find that this job is challenging, plentiful and continuing to grow. By 2024 jobs will grow around 17 percent.

Statistician – With an average salary of around $80,000 per year, a statistician is a great career for someone who loves data, numbers and charts. The job growth for this career is around 34 percent. This will be a great field to go in for someone who’s looking for a position that has room for growth and stability.

Computer & Information Systems Analyst – With a small growth rate but high salary this career is still a good choice. Making around $131,000 per year, any millennial interested in IT systems would love this job.

Environmental Engineer – Annual salaries are around $84,000 and the growth rate for this career is around 12 percent in less than ten years. Environmental concerns continue to be an issue so this path will be around for a long time.

If you’re a millennial looking for work, we hope these tips help you. For recruiters hoping to find the top talent in the pool, consider working with a recruiting software that can help all your recruiting efforts!

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