Applicant Tracking System: How to create custom application forms

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If you are not a Recruiteze customer, Recruiteze is a simple applicant tracking system for small businesses. With Recruiteze, you can post and publish jobs to Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Google, and numerous other job boards. You can manage your jobs, applications, and candidates in a simple easy to use interface.

With the release of the custom application forms feature, you will be able to create job-specific application forms. The image below shows how to see the forms view from the left menu:

Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System: Adding an application form
Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System: Adding an application form

Once on the forms view, clicking on the “Add Application Form” will take you to the application form designer page like shown below:

Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System: Add Application Form Page
Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System: Application Form Page

With the custom application form feature, you can add the following types of fields to the form page:

  • Text-Input: Allows you to add a text input field to the form.
  • Paragraph: Allows you to add a paragraph field to the form.
  • Select: Allows you to add a dropdown field to the form.
  • Email: Allows you to add an email field to the form.
  • Phone: Allows you to add a phone field to the form.
  • Checkbox: Allows you to add a checkbox field to the form.
  • Radio Button: Allows you to add a radio button field to the form.
  • File Upload: Allows you to add file upload fields to the form.
  • Terms Check: Allows you to add a terms checkbox field to the form.

To add a field to the form, click on the “Add Field” dropdown button and select the field to add the field to the designer.

Recruiteze: Form Designer
Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System: Form Designer

Once the field is added to the form designer, it shows three controls, which will allow you to edit, delete, or drag and drop the fields. Clicking on the edit button, shows the edit options like shown below:

Recruiteze: Editing a form field
Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System: Editing a form field

Image above shows the field editor, once you add a label and any options, you need to click on the “Save Changes” button.

Once all the required fields for your form are added and configured, you will need to save the form to use it with your jobs. The “Save” button is disabled until you complete the form title field.

Once the form is saved, it is shown in the list of the available forms like shown below:

Recruiteze: Application Forms List
Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System: Forms List

From the forms list, you can view the form, edit the form, or deactivate the form.

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