Applicant Tracking System Document Library

This help article pertains to Recruiteze: Applicant Tracking System.

You can access the document library feature from the left menu like shown in the image below.

Applicant Tracking System - Document Library Menu
Company document library

From the document library page, you can see the list of documents and perform the following actions:

  • Add Document – Allows you to add a new document to the document library.
  • Download – Allows you to download a document from the library.
  • Delete – Allows you to delete a document from the library. When you delete a document, its association is removed from the email templates.

Clicking on the “Add Document” button, will open up a popup to add a document like shown below:

Applicant Tracking System - Add Document
Recruiteze – Add document popup

You have to select a document, provide a title and save the document. It will be added to your document library.

To delete a document, click on the delete button for the document, it will popup a confirmation message like shown below:

Applicant Tracking System - Delete Document Confirmation
Recruiteze – Delete Document Confirmation

If you confirm, then the document will be deleted and any relationships with email templates will be removed.

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