Applicant Tracking System: Guide to Getting Started with Recruiteze

If you are reading this article, we assume you have already signed up to try out Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System!

The first thing you do is bookmark this login page, since you will need it if you are visiting multiple times.

Recruiteze Login Page:

If you forgot your password: Click on the forgot password link below. Sometimes the forgot password reset email goes to spam. Please check your spam folder.

What is my Recruiteze login

If you would like to switch plans during the free trial, here is the knowledge base article which will show you how to do that.

How to switch plans during the free trial

Our goal with this guide is to help you complete your trial successfully, to explore all the features that matter to you in the least amount of time.

Here is a step by step guide on how to do this:

1. Setup your country specific settings.

How to setup your country specific initial values

2. Setup your career’s page.

How to setup smart career’s page

3. Post a and publish new job requisition. You can post the job first or add the candidates first. But if you post a job first, select the job and do a bulk upload of some resumes. You can see the applications and workflow feature much faster.

How to post a new Job Requisition
How to publish your job to the job boards
How to renew a job posting/requisition?

How to create a custom application form

How to associate a job specific application form to a job

3. Add one or more candidates, the links below will help you do just that. To get this done quickly, we suggest you use the bulk upload feature. It does not matter if it is just one candidate or several, you can quickly add your candidates to the database.

How to bulk upload candidate resume(s)

How to add a candidate manually

4. Once you have the candidate(s) and job(s), you can take the service for a test drive.

Here are all the helpful links for you to navigate through the system.

How to view/update a candidate

How to associate a candidate to a job
How to use the workflow feature
How to use the job applications feature
How to bookmark candidates
How to search candidates in the database
How to bulk email candidates
How to use the my jobs feature

How to use tags to organize your candidates and filtering

How to create and manage tasks

5. Setup email templates. As you are using the system, you will find the need to create email templates to reduce repetitive work and increase efficiency. The article below shows you how to create/update email templates.

How to create/update en email template

Here are other helpful articles that will help you to find information.

How to manage your documents using the document library
How to add/update a hiring manager
How to add/update a client/group
How to update your job title for email templates

How to create and manage your tags

We will keep updating this guide, as we have more information and features. We are constantly evolving, we keep updating the software almost every week.

Here is the link to the knowledge base:

Note: We can customize your workflow, so if you see that the workflow you see does not match your workflow. Send an email to support at recruiteze dot com, we can setup your custom workflow for you. We can also help you setup your career’s page.

Support: If at any point you have questions/suggestions/feedback, please send an email to support at recruiteze dot com.

At the end of the trial:

At the end of the trial, you can choose to either subscribe or downgrade to the free version.
Here are a couple of articles, which will help you do that.

How to subscribe to the paid version
How to downgrade to the free plan

Our best case scenario: We totally understand, if this is not the right solution for you. If you can just send a note to support at recruiteze dot com, on what we could do better. We will greatly appreciate that. Looking forward to having you as a customer.

Thanks again!
Recruiteze Team

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