Applicant Tracking System: How to create and manage tasks

This knowledge base article pertains to Recruiteze: Applicant Tracking System.

This feature is available in free as well as the paid versions of the software.

If you are not a Recruiteze customer, Recruiteze is a small business applicant tracking system. With Recruiteze you can post and publish jobs to Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Google Jobs, and a host of other job boards. You can also manage your career portal, applications, candidates, tasks, communications, and notes in a simple and easy to use interface.

The Tasks menu is displayed on the left menu like shown in the image below.

Applicant Tracking System: Tasks Menu
Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System: Main Task List

The tasks menu also shows a count of all pending tasks assigned to you.

Once in the tasks view, there are a few options at the top. The Add Task button allows you to add a task, and the different filters allow you to filter tasks. The default filter shows all pending tasks assigned to you.

Clicking on the Add Task button, shows a popup window like below:

Applicant Tracking System: Add Task
Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System: Add Task Popup

The Add Task popup has the following options:

  • Task Type – There are two types of tasks you can select from Email and Call.
  • Assigned To – By default your name is selected. But if you want to create the task for another user, you can do so by selecting from the drop-down.
  • Contact Type – This is optional, there are three contact types Candidate, Contact, and Hiring Manager. Based on the selection in the contact type, the contact drop-down below will show only the contacts belonging to the selected contact type.
  • Contact – This is optional. In this drop-down, you can select either a candidate, contact, or hiring manager by typing the first few letters of the name and selecting from the list. This list will only show the type of contacts selected in the previous drop-down.
  • Note – You can add a note for the task to provide additional context to the task.
  • Task Date – Select a date for the task, so that you can be reminded to complete the task later.

Once you complete the required details, clicking on Add Task adds the task and it shows in the list of the pending tasks if it is assigned to you.

Applicant Tracking System: Task List Actions
Applicant Tracking System: Task List Actions

From the task list, the following actions are available from the actions menu:

  • View – The view button allows you to see the quick detailed view of the assigned candidate, contact, or hiring manager.
  • Contact – The contact button will allow you to send an email. If you are planning to use email templates, you will need to create templates of the type “Task”.
  • Mark Complete – If a task is complete, you can mark the task as complete.
  • Delete Task – You can delete a task assigned to you.

All these buttons will be disabled if the task is not assigned to you.

To see tasks for all users you will need to change the filter to “All”. The all tasks list looks like in the image below:

Applicant Tracking System: View All Tasks
Recruiteze: All Tasks View

In the all tasks list, you can see tasks not assigned to you. To assign a task to yourself, click on the “Assign to Me” button marked in the image above.

Once the task is assigned to you, you can use the action buttons like “Contact”, “Mark Completed” or “Delete”.

Tasks can also be added and managed in all the candidate, contact, and hiring manager list and detail views.

The image below shows how to add and manage tasks from the “All Candidates” view:

Recruiteze: All Candidates View
Recruiteze: All Candidates View

From the candidate’s view, you can create a task from the quick action marked in the image above. Clicking on the add task shows a popup like shown below:

Recruiteze: Add Candidate Task
Recruiteze: Add Candidate Task

The add task popup is a little different here, since you are creating the task for the candidate, you do not have the other options to select the type of contact.

Completing the required fields and clicking on “Add Task”, adds a pending task.

The candidate detail also shows all pending tasks associated with a candidate like shown below:

The view is very similar to the main task view, except for the missing “View” button.

You can do all actions like the main view. Also, this list will only show the tasks associated with the specific candidate.

To look at completed tasks, you can change the status drop-down to “Completed Tasks” or “All”, an image with completed tasks is shown below:

Recruiteze: Completed Tasks View
Applicant Tracking System: Completed Tasks View

We hope this feature makes your life easier by creating future tasks and reminders.

Thanks to our users for the feedback, we are making great progress on the product.

If you have any questions/feedback/suggestions, please send an email to support at recruiteze dot com.

Small Business Applicant Tracking System

Recruiteze is a small business applicant tracking system. With Recruiteze you can streamline your recruitment process by posting and publishing your jobs to multiple job boards with one click. Managing all the applications, candidates, jobs, tasks, notes, and communication in a simple easy to use interface. Recruiteze is cloud-based, so it is available wherever you have access to a browser and internet connection.

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