Why your Career’s Page should be managed by an Online Applicant Tracking System?

online applicant tracking systemIf you have a website, you most likely have a page for careers. If you are manually updating the careers page, then you are doing it the old fashioned way before the advent of online applicant tracking systems.

Recruiteze is the perfect small business online applicant tracking system to manage your careers page. With Recruiteze you will not only be able to manage your career’s portal through software, but also manage your jobs, candidates, scheduling, notes and communication.

If you do not have a careers page, if you hire periodically, it is best to consider implementing one.

If you are manually updating your careers page, you may need to hire a contract website professional to update your it. A lot of times, you will also end up with stale jobs on your careers page, since you will forget to update your it after the hiring.

Having stale jobs on the careers page shows the lack of professionalism for your organization, with the candidates who visit the careers page.

Based on this article, in a survey of 3552 US College students, 81% of them visit the company job portal. They also expect this page to link to the LinkedIn, Facebook and other Social Media sites.

According to this 2016 candidate experience research report from Talent Board based on a survey of 140000 candidates, here are the highlights:

  • 57% of candidates have had a previous relationship with the employer, up slightly from 2015.
  • Job seekers conduct their own research, a trend that has held steady for the past few years.
  • 57% of candidates still rely on the company career site to research a company.
  • CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) is one of the top 5 recruiting technology investments in 2017.
  • 63% of candidates cite job descriptions as the most important job related content, they look for when researching a job.
  • 47% of candidates consider company values as the most important marketing content.
  • 23% of candidates use review sites like Glassdoor in their job and career search.

Top benefits of a careers page

  • Employer branding – It provides a great opportunity to showcase your company, culture, perks and benefits. Since most candidates look to the careers page for information. This should be a priority of the HR teams to maintain a good career portal.
  • Job descriptions – If the careers page job list is being driven by an online applicant tracking system. Current detailed job descriptions are available for the candidates to understand the requirements and apply for suitable jobs.
  • Job application – With an online applicant tracking system, you can have a custom job application to capture relevant information from the candidates. This will greatly help you work with the candidates who fit the position.
  • Candidate experience – There are multiple things which will enhance the candidate experience. The first one is sending an acknowledgement of the receipt of the job application. With an online applicant tracking system, you can send out a custom personalized application acknowledgement. This will provide the candidate with tremendous satisfaction.
  • Build a talent pipeline – With a careers page, you can build a pipeline of candidates interested in your company. You can reach out to them next time you have a suitable position.
  • Cost savings – With the average cost of posting a job advertisement being $150, you can save money by building a candidate pipeline in the long run.

How to use an online applicant tracking system to power your careers page?

Now that you know how a dynamic careers page can benefit your organization. Here is how an online applicant tracking system will help you maintain your career portal.

  • Job Listings – With an online ATS, you can manage your job listings from the software and do not need to hire a web developer to add, update or remove your job listings.
  • Always current – Your careers page will always list the active jobs, so that you do not end up with stale jobs on your careers page.
  • Custom job application – You can design your custom job application that captures relevant information for working in your company.
  • Personalized application acknowledgement – You can send out a personalized custom job application acknowledgement. An online ATS will allow you to design your responses through custom email templates.
  • Parse resumes – When a candidate submits a resume, it will automatically be parsed and added to your database. This makes it simple to search candidates based on requirements later. This will also help track the candidates better.
  • Candidate tracking – An online ATS can provide the ability to track the candidates through a custom workflow. You can move the candidates through the various stages of the hiring process till either offer or rejection.
  • Interview tracking – An online ATS can also help track the interview notes, so that better consolidated hiring decisions can be made. This will also help compliance, so that you can track your hiring decisions better.
  • Information in one place – All the hiring information will be in one place. The resumes, notes and communication history. It is easy to refer later if you need them.
  • Reports – With an online ATS, you can run reports to see which channels are working. How long it takes to hire an employee and various reports to help you understand your hiring process better. This will also help you work on the areas that require improvement.

Recruiteze is simple modern small business online applicant tracking system

online applicant tracking systemWith Recruiteze, you can manage your jobs, candidates, career portal, interview, notes and communication simply and efficiently. Recruiteze is one of the modern online applicant tracking systems, which can be setup within 5 minutes and does not require any training. Since, it is a cloud based service, you can access it from anywhere in the world and from any device. All you need is an internet connection and a browser. Try Recruiteze for Free today!

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