How to evaluate an Online Applicant Tracking System during Free Trial?

Online Applicant Tracking SystemIf you are evaluating an online applicant tracking system, it is good to be prepared so that you make the right decisions for your business.

To do a proper evaluation to pick the right vendor for your business, you need to do some preparation yourself. Here are a few things you need clarity on, to pick the right vendor for you.

  • Features – If you are already using an existing ATS, you will have much more clarity on this. From your experience, you will know what are your most used features and, what other features will increase your team’s efficiency. If you are planning to implement an ATS for the first time, you will need to come up with a list of features that will help you streamline your hiring process. This article will help you with this. This is very important, since your evaluation will be more focused and will deliver better results.
  • Number of Users – This is another important number to determine the right ATS for your business. This is important, so that you can choose an ATS which will be priced right for your organization. This also gives you more clarity if you have to talk to the vendors.
  • Number of Jobs – This is another important metric, the vendors would like to know. Depending on the number of jobs, the price with either increase or decrease. When you have this information while talking to the vendor, it will help get custom price quotes faster.
  • Pricing – Having a budget will help you narrow down the vendors who fall within the pricing. If you are not going to sign up for that Cadillac ATS, no need to do a trial on it.

online applicant tracking systemOnce you are armed with this information, start looking for the right ATS vendor. Short list a few of them which satisfy your criteria above and sign up for their FREE trial. I would advise you to work with vendors who have a transparent pricing on their website. A lot of ATS vendors do not show the pricing and ask you to send your information for a custom quote. Unless you are an Enterprise with some custom requirements, you should not need a custom quote.

How to evaluate an ATS during the FREE trial?

A free trial usually lasts anywhere from a week to 15 days. Once you sign up for the free trial, your evaluation can help you pick the right solution for you.

  • Try it for yourself – See how easy it is to understand and navigate the system. You really need to try the system by putting in some data. Most features are visible only if there is data in the system. Feel free to create a job, add some candidates and explore the system.
  • Reach out – Don’t try to kill yourself trying to figure out everything yourself. If you are looking for specific features, it is perfectly fine to send an email to the support asking about those features. Any ATS vendor will be happy to assist you with the questions, they are here to make a sale. So they will be happy to direct you to those features through help articles. If you have a vendor who is not responsive, don’t waste too much time on the system. If they are not responsive while selling, they will not be responsive when you need support.
  • Demonstration – You will be saving a lot of time by just requesting a demo. Any ATS vendor will be happy to setup a demo and walk you through the features. It does help if you have gone through the application yourself, before reaching out for a demo. During the demo, you can ask all your questions and see the features that are important to you.
  • Discounts – Talk to the vendor and see if you can negotiate a discounted pricing. Most vendors offer a discount on an annual subscription. They can also offer you discounts during end of month to meet the targets for the month. It does not hurt to ask.
  • Cancellation/Downgrade – Understand how easy it is to cancel the subscription. What is the notice period for a cancellation. Ask the vendor if you are able to downgrade in case you have budget constraints. Read this article on how to choose an ATS.
  • Data Migration – This should be another important criteria in your selection. If you have to cancel the service, you should be able to get your resumes, notes and contacts that you have saved in the system.
  • Evaluation – When you try a few systems, you will quickly figure out the right system for you. Now the process of elimination starts.
    • Remove the vendors that did not have the features you needed or did not have it in the way you needed it.
    • Remove the vendors that were not easy to use.
    • Remove the vendors that were not responsive during the trial.
    • Remove the vendors that did not have a knowledge base.
    • If you have narrowed down to 2 or 3, now it is all about pricing. Pick the least priced one that will satisfy your business needs.

Hope this helps you evaluate and identify the right ATS vendor for you.

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