Why does a Small Business need an Online Applicant Tracking System?

Online Applicant Tracking SystemWondering if your small business needs an online applicant tracking system, this article will help clear things up. If you own a small business, you’re most likely busy with numerous tasks to run and grow your business. That means time is very valuable to your business.

According to this article, most small business owners spend 68.1% of their time working on day to day tasks and putting out fires. Only 31.9% is put toward growing their business, and large chunks are spent reading and replying to emails.

With this knowledge, let’s see how a system for online recruiting can help you save time and money.

  • Save Time Through Automatic Response – With an online applicant tracking system, the job applications are received by the ATS. It also sends the applicant automated acknowledgements confirming the application has been received. A message will state that someone will get back to them. This does a few things to your schedule, you are not reviewing, each resume individually and sending out replies. This also helps show a professional appearance to the applicant, when an acknowledgement is sent to them. Gives the applicant more confidence in the hiring process and company.
  • Save Time through Pre-Screening – With an online applicant tracking system, you do not have to review each application and resume. For a perspective, an average job posting receives 250 Applications, that is a lot of resumes to review and track. If you do not have an applicant tracking system, you will have to either create a candidate tracking spreadsheet, or manage the applications in a file folder or email. So there will not be one place where you can see a consolidated information about your hiring process. Just imagine if you were working on 3 positions at one time, it gets even more messier.
  • Saving Time through Streamlining – With an online applicant tracking system, you will be able to streamline your hiring process. What this means, the online ATS receives the job applications, sends out automatic replies, pre-screens the candidates. You can quickly sift through the relevant resumes and either schedule an interview or reject a candidate quickly. You will have a clear list of active candidates. If you reject a candidate, you can add a note, which will help you review the reason later.
  • Saving Time Through Communication Templates – You will not have to type in same or similar emails for every one of the applicants, you can use email templates with which you can quickly send updates and decisions to the applicant and the stake holders.
  • Helps avoid Discrimination Lawsuits – With an online applicant tracking system, you can track all your notes and communication with applicant in one place. This will help you avoid any future discrimination lawsuits.
  • Helps Analyze your Recruitment Metrics – With an online applicant tracking system, you can get metrics on how many applications you received, how long it took to fill the position, which channels are working and other important metrics, which will help you improve any gaps in the process.
  • Build a Candidate Database – This is a long term benefit, as you keep hiring for positions, you will build a decent candidate database, next time you need to hire, you can first look within your database and reach out to runner-up’s from last time or other candidates.
  • Build your brand – When you have a nice hiring portal, a standard communication, a branded job detail and job application page. It shows a lot of professionalism and consistent branding throughout your hiring process. This will have a lasting impact on your applicants.

Now that you have seen all the different ways you can save time, it directly helps your bottom line, since time is money.

Are you ready for an Online Applicant Tracking System?

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