How to Effectively Use Recruiting Chatbots

Recruiting chatbots are changing recruitment one step at a time. They are great for a variety of reasons. This system can be a valuable addition to your strategy by helping take a load off of recruiters when it comes to phone screenings, filtering through countless resumes and applications, setting up face to face meetings, and more. If you’re interested in learning more about this amazing recruiting system, you’ll find more here on how to effectively use chatbots in recruiting. Need a reliable free online applicant tracking system to help you take your recruiting efforts into the future? Start your free trial of Recruiteze today.

Chatbots can work to your advantage in recruiting when it comes to answering popular general questions about a position or your company. In addition, chatbots can also ask candidates questions. From work history to skill set, qualifications, and more, the chatbot is great at gathering the general information needed to assess a candidate. Even more, a chatbot can qualify and rank candidates in a group of potential future employees based on the answers they give.

According to, “With all the copious admin tasks that come with hiring a candidate, chatbots can take a lot of the load. It sets up and schedules, with both parties in mind, the inevitable calls and meetings. Obviously, these stages of the process require the human but your chatbot will ensure all requirements are addressed before you take over.”

Employer brands are important. Believe it or not, chatbots can help with your employer branding. They can help your company stand out above the rest by offering potential candidates an easy way to communicate, ask questions, and gain information about your company and the position they’re interested in applying for.

Effectively using chatbots means using them in addition to humans, not instead of humans. There are things that chatbots aren’t going to be able to reproduce. Clients also need human communication at times. There is no way to effectively eliminate human interaction completely so you shouldn’t solely rely on a chatbot to ensure you’re providing excellent candidate experiences.

When it comes to recruiting, having humans available to answer questions when needed and to program and update the chatbots regularly is key in making sure you’re able to meet the needs of the candidates.

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