The Best Recruitment Chatbots in 2023

best recruitment chatbots

Recruitment chatbots are beneficial for anyone who chooses to incorporate them into their overall recruiting process. They help lessen the load of recruiters and boost the candidate experience.

In this post, we will discuss 8 best recruitment chatbots!

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What is a recruiting chatbot?

A recruiting chatbot is an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to automate and streamline various aspects of the recruitment process.

It uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to understand, interpret, and respond to user inputs in a conversational manner. Recruiting chatbots can be integrated into websites, social media platforms, or messaging apps to engage with job seekers and candidates more efficiently.

Recruiting chatbots offer several benefits, including:

  • Time-saving: By automating repetitive tasks such as answering FAQs, pre-screening candidates, or scheduling interviews, chatbots help recruiters save time and focus on more strategic aspects of their work.
  • Enhanced candidate experience: Chatbots provide instant responses to candidate queries, ensuring that job seekers receive timely assistance and information. This can help improve the overall candidate experience and create a positive impression of the company.
  • 24/7 availability: Chatbots are available around the clock, enabling candidates to access information and assistance whenever they need it, even outside of regular business hours.
  • Increased efficiency: By automating initial candidate screening, chatbots can quickly assess whether a candidate meets the basic requirements for a position. This helps recruiters to focus on more qualified candidates, increasing the overall efficiency of the hiring process.
  • Improved engagement: Chatbots can be used to proactively reach out to passive candidates or those who have previously interacted with the company, helping to maintain engagement and nurture relationships with potential talent.
  • Data collection and analysis: Chatbots can gather valuable data on candidate preferences, interactions, and other metrics, providing recruiters with insights that can be used to refine recruitment strategies and make data-driven decisions.

Recruiting chatbots are becoming an increasingly popular tool in the recruitment industry due to their ability to streamline processes, enhance candidate experience, and improve overall efficiency. However, it’s important to note that chatbots should not replace human interaction entirely; they should be used in conjunction with human recruiters to ensure a personalized and effective recruitment experience.

For this post, we reviewed the top 15 recruitment chatbots on the market:

  1. Olivia
  2. Sense Recruiting Chatbot
  3. StepStone (formerly Mya)
  4. Ideal (acquired by NYSE:CDAY)
  5. HireVue AI Recruiting Assistant (formerly AllyO)
  6. Xor
  7. iCIMS Text Engagement (known as TextRecruit Chatbot)
  8. Hire Humanly
  9. VCV
  10. Eightfold
  11. MeBeBot
  12. Espressive
  13. Wade and Wendy
  14. Symphony Talent
  15. Brazen



recruitment chatbot 3 company has evolved a great deal in the past couple of decades. They’ve done it all from building job boards to recruiting marketing and more.

Now, they’re focusing on chatbots. Though the setup of this particular brand is time-consuming, it’s a great way to make sure the chatbot is equipped with valid information and a plethora of answers to commonly asked questions.

The setup process ensures accuracy and wide-ranging results.

Olivia is a cloud based software followed with an app for both iOS and Android.

Olivia UI, image source Capterra

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Sense Recruiting Chatbot

sense recruiting chatbot

Sense Recruiting Chatbot exists to help recruiters find great employees. It’s specifically built for people in this industry, with features tailored around what they need and want- whether that be 24/7 chat support or automatic updates on their candidate records so you never miss out again! 

Key features of the Sense Recruiting Chatbot include:

  1. AI-powered conversations
  2. Candidate screening and qualification
  3. Scheduling interviews
  4. Two-way communication
  5. Multi-channel engagement: The chatbot can be integrated across various communication channels, such as websites, social media platforms, and messaging apps, providing a consistent and accessible experience for candidates.
  6. Integration with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  7. Analytics and reporting

StepStone (formerly Mya)

stepstone known as mya recruitment chatbot review

This fast-growing company is one that may be familiar to you. It’s one of the most popular chatbot systems available.

Mya offers an almost eight percent reduction time for interviewing and close to 100% when it comes to candidates completing their online applications.

Now, this software focuses on plethora of things, job ads, hiring technology, employer branding, and international recruiting.

Ideal (acquired by NYSE:CDAY)

best recruitment chatbot ideal


Ideal by NYSE:CDAY chatbot works great with talent pools and already gathered information that may be currently sitting in your ATS. It can screen, resurface, and offer potential candidates to you, without any further efforts from recruiters. All it needs is a bank of information from a talent pool or ATS.

HireVue AI Recruiting Assistant (formerly AllyO)

recruitment chatbot 5


This chatbot option is one that many familiar companies use.

From Cheesecake Factory to FedEx, AllyO is experienced with more than ten million candidate conversations under their belt.

The owner and founder of the company previously worked for Google before leaving to start the business. In addition, the founder also started a staffing agency so that he could fully understand what candidates needed from his chatbot.

Hiring managers are able to find their next best match in seconds using our interactive voice response (IVR) interface. They will be connected with prospects’ contact information immediately after completing the simple process of answering some questions on a phone call or by sending over an email, which saves them time!


best recruitment chatbot xor


Xor is great for any type of recruiting needs. To date, they have one million conversations with candidates on the books. This is an impressive chatbot option you may want to consider! Their clients include McDonald’s, IKEA, and Heineken just to name a few. In addition, they’re able to decrease the time it takes to fill positions by more than 30% and have the ability to help with HR coordination, screenings, and more.

iCIMS Text Engagement (known as TextRecruit Chatbot)

recruitment chatbot 4


iCIMS Text Engagement is a cutting-edge software that helps recruiters connect with potential employees through text messaging. It’s easy, reliable and accessible on any mobile device or desktop!

iCIMS Text Engagement is a mobile recruiting solution provided by iCIMS, a leading talent acquisition software provider. The Text Engagement tool is designed to facilitate faster and more efficient communication between recruiters and candidates through text messaging, enhancing candidate experience and streamlining the recruitment process.

Key features of iCIMS Text Engagement include:

  1. Bulk messaging
  2. Two-way communication
  3. Automated responses and scheduling
  4. Compliance and security
  5. Integration with iCIMS Talent Cloud
  6. Reporting and analytics

Hire Humanly

hire humanly recruitment chatbot

Hire Humanly is based in Tampa, Florida, and says that their solution will help “your hiring teams get a unique and unbiased lens into your candidates’ professional and cultural profile, cultivating enhanced human interaction through more enriched interviews.”

Hire Humanly is an AI-driven recruiting platform that aims to make the hiring process more efficient and unbiased. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, Hire Humanly automates various aspects of the recruitment process, such as candidate sourcing, screening, and engagement.

Key features of Hire Humanly include:

  1. AI-powered candidate sourcing
  2. Automated screening and ranking
  3. Unbiased hiring
  4. Candidate engagement
  5. Integration with applicant tracking systems (ATS)
  6. Analytics and reporting


vcv recruitment chatbot


VCV chatbot will effectively reduce the time spent on the hiring process. It will increase the amount of qualified candidates for interviewing as well as screen CVs, record video responses for interview questions, gather and use analytics to help you choose the best talent for the position, and use voice recognition in phone screenings.

The VCV chatbot is designed to automate the initial screening and engagement process with candidates, providing a more efficient and effective recruitment experience.


Eightfold chatbot is an AI-powered virtual assistant offered by, a company specializing in talent management and recruitment solutions.

The chatbot is designed to streamline the recruitment process by automating various tasks and providing a more interactive and engaging experience for both candidates and recruiters.

Some key features of the Eightfold chatbot include:

  • Intelligent candidate engagement
  • Pre-screening and qualification
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Candidate nurturing
  • Integration with Eightfold’s talent management platform