How to Create a Great Employee Experience in 2020

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that if you’re looking for a job, you’re much more likely to accept a position from a great company than a mediocre one. As such, it’s up to organizations to spread the news that they have a culture, benefits, and positions that are worthy of job seekers’ attention. Now isn’t the time to be shy about the benefits of working at your organization. Because you can bet your competition is telling candidates the benefits of working for them. With that in mind, today we’ll discuss three critical factors that create a great employee experience for current and future employees in 2020.

employee experience

1. Technology

If you consider the age of many job seekers in today’s market; many of these prospects don’t remember a time before Google. Their world has always had the internet, smartphones and instant access to anything they can imagine. Everyday tasks can be easily accomplished with the swipe of a finger, and they expect the same in their workplace environment.

Advances in technology over the past 10 years have made life more efficient in a number of ways, why shouldn’t these same efficiencies be applied to business operations. Employers who embrace technology will be in a better position to compete for top talent. What better way to create a great employee experience than to provide tools and technology that allow your employees to collaborate, communicate and conduct business in the ways in which they are accustom?

The Employee Experience Starts with SMARTER Recruiting

It’s not enough to only offer the best in technology after you’ve made a hire. It’s important to remember that employee experience starts the moment a candidate submits their resume.

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Recruiteze also comes with a custom job board to make tracking talent organized and effortless. Candidates and customers have trouble-free access to your job information which creates a level of professionalism that’s expected in today’s marketplace. Recruiteze also allows users to reduce the time it takes to format resumes for free. This automated applicant tracking system add-on formats resumes without any hassle or time-consuming processes. Click here to try Recruiteze for free!

2. Physical Workspace

We can’t talk about creating a great employee experience without discussing an employee’s physical work environment. Any employee that tells you that what their office looks like isn’t important, is lying. Not only is an employee’s physical surroundings an important part of their impression of the company (including the general floor plan, furniture, decor, appliances, bathroom, etc), it can contribute to an employee’s performance on the job.

Employers who pay attention to the overall aesthetic as well offer their employees additional conveniences such as access to a lounge to relax in, cafeteria or breakroom and outdoor space for fresh air will create an environment where employees want to come to work. Furthermore, employees who are comfortable while they work are more likely to be high performers.

That said, today’s job seekers want a work environment that is as flexible as their lifestyles. What does this mean for organizations? If your business is planning a renovation anytime soon, you may want to opt for a floor plan that encourages mobility. Depending on the type of work your firm does, offering portable desks along with areas for peer collaboration may be exactly what job seekers are looking for. However, also be sure to offer spaces that allow for isolation and focus when necessary. When it comes to offering a great employee experience, employees and potential employees alike want to know they have options to get the job done!

3. Company Culture

Finally, one of the most critical ways you can offer your staff a great employee experience is to prioritize a culture in which employees feel adequately compensated, valued and appreciated, and where their voices are heard.

Offering a sweet signing bonus, company car, free lunches or any other perk might be what attracts job seekers to your company initially, but your company culture is what will either make people want to stay or leave.

If you want to offer your employees a great employee experience, invest in technology, provide a work environment that inspires productivity and demonstrate a commitment to your employees’ growth and development through learning opportunities.

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