How to Use Instagram for Recruiting

recruiting softwareMany businesses are using social media to recruit for open positions. While you’ve probably heard of this social recruiting, it might not be something you’re implementing, just yet. However, there are great advantages to using these tools for your hiring needs.

One popular social media site that is just beginning to gain traction in social recruiting is Instagram. The site is used by customers and small businesses alike. A business might use Instagram to market their products or services, but rarely has it been used as a way to attract new employees; until now.

Instagram is an imaged based networking site that allows users to share videos and photos. They have a follower base, just as Twitter does, and they’re also able to share to similar platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well. The biggest benefit for companies that use the site lies within the hashtags and likes. You’re able to hashtag relevant keywords that will show up in a search for the terms. Users are also able to like photos and comment on them. Brand awareness is built through these advantages and also helps to complement other social networks.

As job seekers work to find a new career, they’re not only searching for new opportunities, but also on finding a company that suits their personality and lifestyle. That’s where social media comes into play with recruiting efforts. Prospective applicants can see the company’s brand. They’re able to read a story via Instagram photos and know that the place they’re applying to is a good fit. In turn, companies are also able to use Instagram to see potential candidate’s lives, as well.

Below, you’ll find several tips that will help you incorporate Instagram recruiting into your overall hiring process. These ideas will help you use the site to your advantage!

Tips for Instagram

Before you’re able to take total advantage of all the benefits Instagram has to offer, building trust with followers is key. Show possible candidates what it’s like to work with your company. Offer behind the scene photos and videos. Also, share relevant picture quotes and other photos that will help them identify with your company’s story and overall goals.

Capture interesting moments, fun and other events that show company culture in a positive way. The images don’t have to be professional grade, either. Be sure to take advantage of the filters and other editing tools that are offered to take a real life approach to provide a glimpse inside your business.

For more information regarding Instagram and how to use it to your advantage while recruiting new employees for your business, be sure to visit back with us for part two in this short series. To jump ahead, please click here.

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