How to Use Instagram for Recruiting [2022 Updated]

How to Use Instagram for Recruiting [2022 Updated]

Many businesses are using social media to recruit for open positions. While you’ve probably heard of this social recruiting, it might not be something you’re implementing, just yet. However, there are great advantages to using Instagram for your hiring needs.

As job seekers work to find a new career, they’re not only searching for new opportunities but also finding a company that suits their personality and lifestyle.

That’s where social media comes into play with recruiting efforts. Prospective applicants can see the company’s brand. They’re able to read a story via Instagram photos and know that the place they’re applying to is a good fit.

In turn, companies are also able to use Instagram to see potential candidates’ lives, as well.

Below, you’ll find several tips that will help you incorporate Instagram recruiting into your overall hiring process. These ideas will help you use the site to your advantage!

Step #0: Tips for Instagram

Before you’re able to take total advantage of all the benefits Instagram has to offer, building trust with followers is key.

Show possible candidates what it’s like to work with your company. Offer behind the scene photos and videos. Also, share relevant picture quotes and other photos that will help them identify with your company’s story and overall goals.

Capture interesting moments, fun, and other events that show company culture in a positive way. The images don’t have to be professional grade, either.

Be sure to take advantage of the filters and other editing tools that are offered to take a real-life approach to provide a glimpse inside your business.

So how do you get started?

First, make sure you have a company Instagram account set up that is separate from your personal account.

Once you’ve done that, start thinking about the kind of content you want to share.

What will give people a good sense of your company culture?

Try to mix things up and share a variety of content, from photos of your office or workplace to videos of team-building activities or company events.

So, before further ado, let’s dive right in.

Step #1: Enhance your employer brand by showcasing company culture in a fun and appealing way

To add some extra oomph to your employer brand, use Instagram as a platform to showcase company culture.

By sharing behind-the-scenes photos and videos, you can give potential candidates a taste of what it’s like to work at your organization.

Plus, since Instagram is a visual platform, you can really get creative with your content and make it fun and engaging.

Step #2: Use hashtags to reach a wider audience

When it comes to recruiting on Instagram, hashtags are your best friend. By using relevant hashtags, you can reach a wider audience of potential candidates.

For example, if you’re looking for software engineers, you can search for the hashtag #softwareengineer or #softwareengineering.

Step #3: Utilize the power of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a feature of the popular photo sharing option that allows users to share photos and videos. The stories are temporary and disappear after 24 hours.

Instagram Stories can be a great way to attract Gen Z talent. Use compelling visuals and creative content to tell your story and showcase your company culture. Be sure to use hashtags and make your stories discoverable.

Step #4: Don’t forget about Reels

In addition to Stories, Instagram also offers Reels, a short-form video feature. Reels are perfect for quick, attention-grabbing content. Use them to highlight your company culture or to show off your products and services. Just like with Stories, be sure to use hashtags and make your Reels discoverable.

Both Stories and Reels are great ways to reach Gen Z talent. Use them to your advantage!

Step #5: Use Instagram Ads to reach a wider audience

If you want to reach an even wider audience of potential candidates, you can use Instagram Ads. With Ads, you can target your ads to a specific audience based on interests, demographics, or behaviors.

This is a great way to ensure that your ad reaches the right people who are likely to be interested in your open positions.

Step #6: Connect with influencers in your industry

Another great way to reach potential candidates on Instagram is to connect with influencers in your industry. These influencers typically have a large following of engaged users who are interested in the same topics.

For example, if you’re looking for candidates in the fashion industry, you can connect with popular fashion bloggers or influencers.

Many of these influencers often share job openings on their account, so you may be able to reach a larger pool of candidates.

Step #7: Encourage your employees to share their stories on Instagram too

Your employees can be your best brand ambassadors. Encourage them to share their stories on Instagram. This will help you reach even more Gen Z talent.

Putting the face of employees online will humanize your brand and make it more memorable.

Step #8: Be active and consistent

To really attract top talent, you need to be active and consistent on Instagram.

This means posting new content regularly and engaging with your followers.

The more you can get your company name and brand out there, the better.

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