Integrating Background Checks with Your Recruitment Software

free recruitment softwareConducting background checks in today’s competitive job market is important for several reasons. With unemployment rates at an all time high, it’s possible that many applicants might embellish their work history or hide various negative experiences. Some of these embellishments or omissions might be obvious to staffing agencies or hiring managers, but it’s still important to run a background check, just in case.

Background checks are great for checking out an applicant’s work history, experience, and education, before scheduling them for an interview. Once an individual has been offered a job, these checks are great for criminal history or required level of clearance, should a government job be involved.

Unfortunately, waiting on information from background checks can cost you a great deal of time and money. Oftentimes, the information can come too late, and applicants end up moving on.

Staffing agencies and hiring professionals have the right to learn more about applicants, as they’re hoping to create a safe, productive workplace for current and potential employees. Thankfully, conducting background checks can now be conducted faster and more easily than you ever imagined!

Integrating background checks with your recruitment software is a great way to get the job done at the same time applications and resumes are automatically organized and tracked! The days of waiting on a background check are over. Now, integrating background check software with your existing recruiting software is possible and easy to use! Check the following aspects of an applicant with this integrated system:

  • Verify educational degrees
  • Check criminal convictions
  • Verify work experience and history
  • Get an electronic written permission to check applicant backgrounds as they apply, online
  • Keep track of the background check’s progress
  • Read information, right online
  • Easily share information within your company or HR department
  • Centralize received data in an applicant’s file

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The benefits of using recruitment software are endless. Adding an integrated background checking system is even more beneficial and productive! Why spend time and money waiting on information or manually entering data when you can save time and money using these systems?! That’s why you should click here to give Recruiteze a try, today, for free!

Recruiteze is free recruitment software that allows candidates to apply, and be added to your database immediately, in an online and user friendly way. You can access candidate resumes online and make changes quickly and easily. Tracking talent has never been easier with your included custom job board as well. It allows candidates and customers easy access to information, and creates a level of professionalism that’s expected in today’s marketplace. and Click here to try Recruiteze for free right now!

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