Online Hiring System: How It Helps Volume-Hiring

online hiring system

Recruiting could turn daunting when it comes to mass recruitment as the typical challenges get magnified, and the efficiency gets impacted. Here’s how an online hiring system would help you select high-quality talent within a short period.

Whether it is hiring one employee or several, you need to practice the same amount of due diligence.

Rebecca Skilbeck, Head of Customer Insights and Market Research at PageUp, shares that recruiters can use an online hiring system to manage many applicants. It’s the right time to switch your efforts to online software. 

What is Mass recruitment or High Volume Hiring?

When you have to hire many employees in a short period, we call it high volume hiring. When a company gets a new project or plans to start a new department or set up a branch in a new location, the need for mass recruitment arises.

If not planned properly, the entire recruitment campaign can be stressful and disorganized, leading to dissatisfaction within the team and candidates. High volume hiring is different from normal hiring as it requires a big group, and the stress gets multiplied.

Here are some challenges recruiters face during mass recruitment.

  • Lack of Time

According to our previous post, each job posting may attract around 250 applicants, depending on the type of position. The number of applications multiplies with more open positions. So, if you have to hire ten employees, you may have to sift through 2500 applications. Apart from resume review and phone screening, you have to do several other time-consuming steps such as interviews, background screening, offer discussions, etc. before making the final offer. Without the help of online hiring software, it will be very stressful.

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  • Team Limit

When the company scales, the pressure to hire the right candidates builds upon the recruiters. They have to strike a balance between the expectations of the company and the candidate. With a small recruitment team, things become more arduous as it becomes impossible to interact with thousands of potential candidates personally.

online hiring system
  • Cost per Hire

Sourcing, interviewing and vetting the candidates impact the financial health of the company as well. And when it comes to mass hiring, the expenses grow exponentially. The cost also includes posting on various job boards, running ads on different social media channels, reviewing the applicants, etc.

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  • Candidate Experience

It becomes hard to manage schedules, sending notification emails, or acknowledgment receipts to the candidates. Not being in touch with candidates throughout the recruitment process can badly impact the candidate experience. Clear communication and staying organized are the two main components to impress the candidates. With a vast number of candidates, it becomes challenging to make them feel welcomed and thrilled.

Here is how an Online Hiring System Helps in High Volume Recruiting

An online hiring system helps you make things manageable by automating the underlying processes. Look at how the online hiring system allows you to stay on top of the high volume recruitment.

  • Helps Candidate Sourcing

Hiring candidates in bulk mean that the company needs to advertise the job vacancy on all major platforms such as social media and online job boards to attract suitable candidates. Modern online hiring software is usually integrated with all major platforms and posts the job adverts with just a single click. Online hiring software helps not only in attracting the applicants but convinces them to apply as well.

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  • Screener Questions

A modern online hiring software will allow you to create customizable role-specific screener questions. Screener questions can help you save time immensely by allowing you to reject candidates that do not fit the role very quickly. The best hiring process is about eliminating the candidates who do not match the position soon to work with a smaller qualified applicant pool.

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  • Communications and Notes

Communication is the key to successful recruitment. A recruiter has to do both marketing and sales. Marketing is spreading the word about the position and getting the leads, in this case, applicants. Everything after getting the lead is sales. The most critical skill for sales is communication. Communicating effectively not only increases candidate experience, but it also helps the recruitment team work cohesively. An online hiring system can significantly help in this regard by providing the tools to effectively communicate with all the stakeholders involved in the recruitment process.

  • Collaborative Hiring

An online hiring software enhances the efficiency of recruitment efforts and reduces the time-to-fill metric. All the recruiting stakeholders can see the progress, give feedback, etc. and make the recruiting process seamless and organized.

online hiring system

Online Hiring System

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